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Tarkington | Vizsla | Highland Park, CA. | In-Training 

Tark is taking part of our two week Board and Traing Program. He is a 4 year old Vizsla, He likes to do his own thing, doesn't wanna listen very much and likes to pick things up off the floor and snack on them. Stay tuned to see his progress!


Working hard throughout the day on our basics. Learning new commands as well as strengthening others. Today has been good, time for a nap!



Tark enjoying some shade after working our commands at the park today. Fun fact, Tarkington does NOT like flys!


Say cheese, Tark! Another day in the books and what a day it was, spent a lot of time out and about working on our commands.



Spent a lot of time this morning work on distractions. Between construction and all the friendly people Tark had a big morning.




Some duration work, EVERYONE thought he was a statue.

Tarkington has made so much progress over two weeks, it's been a journey for sure but he has done so well. I'm very impressed with this good boy and will miss him. Good boy, Tark!

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