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Stella | German Shepherd | 2.5 years old | Seal Beach, CA - In Training

Update #9

Yesterday we met some new friends at the park! Here you see she’s in the “Down” command just looking at the other dogs while shes OFF LEASH and muzzle off. I’m also asking the other dogs to come forward to greet Stella even better. Every step we take forward With her progress, we always make sure safety for everyone is implied. Of course you see nothing but smiles on every puppy here.

Update #8

Had to beat that rain today so we got some good all team work training in. She has been growing so comfortable with being around other dogs That she will let Korra come up and lick her face saying good work! All next we will be training at dog parks showing off how great her commands are.

Update #7

Once again, Stella did an amazing job with her commands and behavior! In this picture she’s doing a “Place” on the bench. This allows her to build confidence knowing she can get up onto an object and be by her self with all distractions around her. I also removed her muzzle with a few dogs walking by knowing that she wouldn’t react and she DIDNT! So HAPPY!

Update #6

Had to post this beautiful picture of Stella taking in the calming ocean breeze. This time we are taking the training to the board walk of Oceanside!

Update #5

Today’s session was cunducted in Home Depot where theres lots of distractions with loud and big objects, people, and even dogs! It was another SUCCESSFUL training day where no bad behaviors were shown by Stella. She’s realizing that she can’t react negatively when she sees another dog. Her commands were also tested today with a poper “Heel” And displaying a duration “Sit” and “Down”. Very proud of her success so far!

Update #4

Here we have Stella doing a “Place” command on a cot around another dog. Her obedience to the command and understanding her behavoir issues are getting better and better! She even let this boxer thats known to be super hyper, give her kisses while she’s displaying a “Place” on the cot.

pdate #3

It has been a great success with Stella to the point where I felt comfortable having her around my dog Korra, without Stella’s muzzle on her! It’s a working progress with her behavior. She’s a very smart dog that understands her commands. Definitely moving towards the right direction!

Update #2

Day 1, Stella has improved with her behavior being around my personal dog Korra. Success is happening!!

Update #1

We have this beautiful GSD for our 2 week board I train. Her biggest issue is that she’s dog aggressive and her owners state she’s to much to handle when she reacts towards other dogs. She will be trained to do multiple commands and not to react as aggressively. Stay Tuned!



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