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Sophie | Beagle Mix | 1 Year Old | Hermosa Beach, CA | In Training

Updated: Mar 16

Lovely little Sophie here is settling in well. We've been decompressing the past couple hours, and now we're about to go for a walk!

Pupdate 03/09/2020

Pupdate 3/10/2020

Gloomy day vibes! Sophie was definitely not stoked about the rain, but we got a walk and a couple hours of training in between bits of rain. We made some progress with her recall, and sit today, we'll be working on place tomorrow.

Pupdate 03/11/2020

Pupdate 3/12/2020

Practicing holding our commands in the backyard on this rainy day. She's been getting lots of love in between training sessions inside too.

Puodate 03/13/2020

Pupdate 3/14/2020

Practicing place at the home depot! She got pretty overwhelmed with all the commotion but we got some good practice in before things got too stressful. Otherwise she's been a huge snuggle bug today, a perfect gloomy day pal.