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Schogie | Miniature Schnauzer | Los Angeles, CA-In Training

Let's welcome Schogie to our camp. He has joined our 3 week board and train program. Schogie is very aggressive when on a leash towards both; people and dogs. When he is off the leash he does much better. He is going to do great!

Pupdate 08/26/2019

Nogie enjoying a day at the park.

Pupdate 08/27/2019

Pupdate 08/28/2019

Cooling off under the trees


Pupdate 08/29/2019

Pupdate 08/30/2019

Another day a different dog park experience


Pupdate 08/31/2019


Pupdate 09/01/2019

Sunday morning hike...Acton Ca.

Pupdate 09/03/2019

Acton park


Pupdate 09/04/2019

Pupdate 09/05/2019

Enjoying the moment

Pupdate 09/07/2019

Saturday morning stroll

Pupdate 09/09/2019

Pupdate 09/10/2019

Pupdate 09/11/2019

Extended Sit

pupdate 09/12/2019

Home depot


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