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Samson | Weimaraner | San Clemente, CA | In-Training

Samson is a 9 month old Weimaraner, who has joined OffLeash SoCal for our Three Week Board & Train Program. Samson is a well-behaved pup in the home, and has some prior basic obedience training. However, when Samson is outside of his home, much of his training goes out the window! He is very easily distracted by birds, squirrels, dogs, people, sticks, grass… the list goes on.

When out in public, Samson has a high drive, and often fixates on any small change in the environment.

His family wants Samson to become a service dog, so good manners and follow-through on obedience is critical for his training. They want a dog who is balanced, focused, and calm in all environments so they can bring him everywhere.

Stay tuned for Samson’s progress!


Pupdate 11/6/2022

Samson is settling in well to his temporary home, and we spent the entire day together. He has excellent home-manners, and is very pleasant to have around. We walked to a nearby park and practiced his heel command— he did well, but tends to walk slightly ahead. A French bulldog ran up on us during this walk, and Samson had a quick recall and was able to calm down back into his heel. Additionally, we worked on tuning up his sit, down, come, and break (release word after a cue is finished) in my yard, to ease him into training.

He seems to get a bit anxious while in his kennel here, and I have been introducing him to it in short durations.


Pupdate 11/7/2022

Samson went to Home Depot in Monterey Park for his training today. He practiced, and excelled at, extended sit, extended down, heel, & come-to-sit (where he comes when called, loops around the left, and sits at a "heel" on the right side).

He was a little nervous at the beginning, particularly with loud noises, but quickly got into the groove of training. Today's distractions included bustling people, dogs, carts and dollies, loud noises, and a myriad of new smells. I couldn't be more impressed with his focus and follow-through on cues compared to yesterday— such a good boy!

Samson is exhibiting some separation anxiety, but that's normal for pups during their first few days of board & train— there is a lot to adjust to, but Samson is taking it in stride!


Pupdate 11/8/2022

Samson was a good boy today. Due to constant rainy conditions, we worked a lot in the home, as well as in the yard during lulls between poor weather. We worked on place, extended place, come-to-sit, heel, and household manners. Samson performed well earlier in the day, but was a bit tired in the evening. He is still anxious when he is in his kennel and I am out of the room— separation anxiety is still Samson’s biggest hurdle, with excessive panting, salivating, and scratching/digging to get out. He has also scraped his nose a little on the kennel from rubbing it against the door.

Samson got to play with a golden retriever that came by during a break in the rain, and he absolutely adored her. He will be seeing her more this weekend, and will love the company of a pup with the same play-style as him.


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