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Sage | French Bulldog | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Sage! Sage is a 1 year old French Bulldog from Los Angeles, CA. She is joining us for our Two Week Board and Train Program! She struggles with basic obedience, jumps up when greeting new people and needs help with potty training. She’s a super sweet and loving girl who is ready to learn! Check out her 14 day transformation.


Pupdate 3/20/2022

Sage and I spent the day getting to know each other. She was really hesitant at first to work with me. She was really timid and had a lot of anxiety. We worked on getting her used to leash pressure today. She would squirm in the leash once I gave light leash tension. After a couple of minutes, she relaxed and was able to walk with me. We had our first lesson today. We introduced the e-collar as well as the ‘sit’ command. She would push back up on my had when I tried to get her to sit. She still needs more work on her ‘sit’ but she’s slowly getting there. She is adjusting really well to the kennel and took a much needed nap before our second walk. She didn’t eat much of her food, she took a couple of bites and didn’t want to drink any water. This could be due to anxiety. Overall, she is doing such a great job.


Pupdate 3/21/2022

Sage and I worked on her ‘heel’ for the majority of our lessons today. She’s still getting used to the e-collar and is struggling a bit with leash pressure. At times she would stop and not move or spin in her leash. After a couple of minutes, she seemed to be getting a lot better. We worked on her ‘sit’ since she struggles to do it on command. Once she was a bit better with her sit, we worked on her ‘come to sit’ command. She seemed a little overwhelmed today and still had a lot of anxiety, so we took breaks in between our training sessions. By the end of the day, she was able to get the hang of everything! We introduced ‘down’ before dinner. She didn’t eat much of her breakfast and didn’t eat any of her dinner. She is such a sweet girl.


Pupdate 3/22/2022

Sage and I worked on her ‘heel’ and ‘come to sit’ some more today. She is getting a lot better with her ‘heel’ but still struggles with her ‘come to sit’. She tends to walk off in the other direction or stop right when she gets behind me. We worked on it some more and after a couple of tries she did a lot better. We also worked on her ‘sit’ and ‘down’. She struggles with holding her ‘sit’ and will go in a ‘down’ if she’s doesn’t want to do it. When she does sit she struggles going in a ‘down’ and needs a bit of leash pressure to get her to ‘down’. She’s slowly getting the hang of everything but is still very timid. It’s was a little hot out today so we worked in increments. Overall, she is doing great. She ate half of her breakfast and less than half of her dinner.


Pupdate 3/23/2022

Sage went to Pan Pacific Park today to work on her ‘heel’ and ‘come to sit’ around distractions. She has gotten a lot better with her ‘heel’ and is doing really well at not stopping in the middle of walking. She is still very timid and a bit stressed so at times she will stay stiff and refuse to move. She will at times go potty if she’s feeling a little overwhelmed. She is slowly coming out of her shell and is getting better at her commands. We worked on her ‘come to sit’ and she is slowly getting the hang of it! By the end of our training sessions Sage was a little more confident. We worked on her ‘down’ some more today as well. She still needs leash pressure but not as much as before.

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