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Saber | Doodle | Los Angeles, CA | In- Training

Meet Saber, the 6 month old Doodle from Los Angeles, CA! She is such a sweet girl, always has a great attitude, and loves to meet new people. Saber is here to work on her greeting manners, potty training, and basic obedience. She is so excited to start this journey stay tuned for her 14 day prawgress!


Pupdate: 8/15/21


Pupdate: 8/16/21


Pupdate: 8/17/21


Pupdate: 8/18/21


Pupdate: 8/19/21


Pupdate: 8/20/21


Pupdate: 8/21/21


Pupdate: 8/22/21




Pupdate: 8/24/21


Pupdate: 8/25/21


Pupdate: 8/26/21


Pupdate: 8/27/21


Pupdate: 8/28/21



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