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Rusty | Golden Doodle | Costa Mesa, CA

Rusty, the​ Goldendoodle from Costa Mesa , CA went through the OffLeash SoCal Two Week Board & Train Program. Rusty was trained by ​Fentley Houwsen in Sylmar, CA​

Pupdate 08/16/2020

I'd like to welcome Rusty a 16 month old Goldendoodle from Costa Mesa! He is here for our 2 week board and train to learn some manners both on and off leash. Rusty has a bad habit of pulling his owner to whatever he finds interesting. He jumps, barks, takes unapproved objects and runs around with them, and likes to handle everyday as if it was the most exciting day possible. He's smart and a fast learner. I can't wait to see his progress.


Pupdate 08/17/20

Rusty got exposed to alot of things today. He seems to be a bit unsure of new things but is a fast learner. He likes to react before fully thinking things through so he is learning how to just take the world in we have worked on place, and come quite a bit. He did really well holding place while another dog ran on the treadmill right by him. He did get to try the treadmill out today and was unsure of it moving at first but he got more confident the longer he was on there.


Pupdate 08/18/20

Rusty worked on heeling through the neighborhood, come to sit, and place today. He is getting better with not rushing ahead in his heel but his come to sit still needs some direction. He likes to anticipate the next command so we are working on throwing in more scenarios so he doesn't expect what will be asked of him next. He is doing great on his place command. He held a relaxed place for 30 mins and slept almost the entire time. Rusty is eating, relieving and drinking great!


Pupdate 08/19/20

Rusty was very stubborn today. He has gotten alot better with his heel but does like to find opportunities to walk slightly ahead. We have been working on his turns, he is unsure of the right turns and likes to sit instead but turning with ne but he is starting to understand that he doesn't need to sit he just needs to pivot. His place to place is going very well. He got to place on an outdoor chair and a giant lego shaped toy. His downs are becoming more consistent and we have been working on holding it through distractions. He has a habit of getting up and walking with me if I step away from him so we have been unconditioning this behavior so he understands that he is expected to stay down. His come to heel is improving but every so often he does try to sit in front of me instead of sitting next to me.


Pupdate 08/20/20

Rusty did really well today. He got to heel through some weave poles while dogs and people passed by. He encountered some loud machines that startled him but after heeling by a few times he relaxed and payed attention.


Pupdate 08/21/20

Rusty worked on loading in and out of the car. He isn't used to hoping into the trunk of a car so he needs lots of encouragement but he is doing really well. He also worked on his come to heel while playing with a ball and did amazing! He had a few slip ups once he started to get tired but was easy to correct and try again. Super proud with his accomplishments so far.


Pupdate 08/22/20

Rust did really well today. We did alot of command ls while heeling like asking for a sit while walking, send to place from heel, and weird turns. He likes to try and sneak a cheat when asked to come - to - heel from a far by going directly to the heel position instead of coming around first. He is doing alot better with slowing down and thinking about what was asked first.


Pupdate 08/23/2020

Rusty worked out loading in and out of the crate today. He was able to get in successfully with no help. He gets very excited when asked to come and likes to take a big circle around so we are working to fix that. Overall Rusty is doing very well.


Pupdate 08/24/2020

Rusty got to walk on the treadmill today. He did alot better and it helped his mind to relax more on place. He worked more on moving from place to place and coming off of place when called. Overall he did really well but did have moments of stubbornness where he tried to end the training before he was released. He is super smart and catches on fast but does like to test the rules.


Pupdate 08/25/2020

Rusty did great today! He worked a lot on his off leash skills while under heavy distractions. He got to do an off leash heel around a new neighborhood and was amazing! In the beginning he did get distracted when dogs were pulling towards him but after working through it he started paying attention again and heeled past them perfectly.


Pupdate 08/26/2020

Rusty did very well today. We went to the park and worked on his heel and recall off leash. He did very well with his off leash heel walking past people and new smells. He gets super excited when asked to come and sometimes gets ahead of himself but he came every time. Rusty is eating and drinking normally.


Pupdate 08/27/20

Rusty did very well today. He worked on his off leash heeling, recall around other dogs, door manners and place. We went to a park and he heeled very nicely next to a brand new dog and did not try to sneak a sniff. As we were heeling up the stairs I stopped and asked him to sit, him being smart and trusting that me asking him to sit on these steps was safe and possible did amazing and stayed there until I released him.


Pupdate 08/28/20

Rusty worked on door manners today. He gets very excited when he notices we are close to my house so he has been learning to slow down and wait before entering. He did an off leash heel in a new neighborhood and did amazing! Super happy with his progress.


Pupdate 08/29/20

Rusty did very well today. He worked on his place while people complimented him. He did come to sit, heel, down and puppy push ups from place. He did great waiting at the front door at the end of our walk. Super happy with how far Rusty has come!


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