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Ruby| Yellow American Labrador| In-Training

Meet Ruby, an eight month old Yellow American Labrador from Temple City, CA! She is here for our Offleash Two Week Board and Train Program! Ruby is here to work on leash pulling during walks, jumping when she gets too excited around people, being too mouthy, getting easily distracted around dogs and people, and basic obedience! Stay Tuned for Ruby's 14 day transformation!!!


Pupdate 7/25/21

Today Ruby and I went to a quiet park and spent some time getting to know each other! She is a very friendly pup who loves to explore her surroundings! Once it got too hot outside we went home and worked on introducing place command!


Pupdate 7/26/21

Today we went to a park and worked on leash pressure! She tends to like to throw herself around during her “tantrums” which we pushed through and she did great afterwards!


Pupdate 7/27/21

Today we went to Thousand Oaks park and continued working on her leash manners! She is a very sweet pup that loves to learn!


Pupdate 7/28/21

Today we went to a park and worked on building the foundation for each of Ruby’s commands! We did end up having a dog show up during our session, which ended up being really great for Ruby! She got to work on her commands with a HUGE distraction! Great job Ruby!


Pupdate 7/29/21

Today we went to a park and worked on Place, Come, Heel, and Down! Ruby is doing super well with all her commands and performing with small distractions!


Pupdate 7/30/21

Today we worked a lot on strengthening duration work! Ruby is doing amazing with listening and paying attention!


Pupdate 7/31/21

Today we went to Valencia Mall and worked on duration work! Ruby did amazing with another dog right next to her, and stayed focused on her command!


Pupdate 8/1/21

Today we went to Lowes and worked on duration work along with all Ruby’s basic obedience! Once it got too hot outside we worked on more duration with door manners and Place command! Ruby is doing

great and loves to learn!


Pupdate 8/2/21

Today we went to a mall to continue working on all of Ruby’s commands! She is such a sweet girl and is very affectionate!


Pupdate 8/3/21

Today we worked on transferability between another trainer! Ruby needs to understand that whomever is holding the leash is in charge! She did really good!


Pupdate 8/4/21

Today we worked a lot on Ruby’s duration with her commands! She is doing great and loves to cuddle and receive pets!


Pupdate 8/6/21

Today we went to Fallbrook Mall to work on all of Ruby’s commands with distractions! She has come so far in the past few weeks! Super proud of her progress!


Pupdate 8/7/21

Today we worked on Ruby’s Final video and put all the pieces together! She has been such a great dog and a pleasure to work with!


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