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Roxie | Maltease | 11 month old | Hacienda Heights | In Training 


Pupdate 10/14/2019

Roxie is out with Halford this morning. We believe that Roxie hasn't been properly socialized in her 11 months. Roxie exhibits fear for ALL animals- humans, canines, felines, etc. Roxie isn't using her nose (God's first line of identification for a canine) when meeting Halford. We will be continuing to introduce Roxie to other dogs in a proper manner.

Step one, which we are still in, is getting Roxie to trust one or all of the humans. She slept on my chest last night watching TV, and my wife has gotten the best results while walking her. She currently is sitting under my desk out of her crate and the kennel. Baby steps.


Pupdate 10/15/2019

Short clip of Roxie out doing her thing. Obviously this isn't a finished product, and we have a way to go, but considering she wouldn't walk on day one we are making improvements. Her sit is kind of weird, trying to reshape it, we will see. Lots of walking for her!


Pupdate 10/16/2019

Roxie logged some good time this morning. We continue to work on heel as the priority and mix in sit, down, and place in the afternoons. Hope you enjoy her progress.


Pupdate 10/17/2019


Pupdate 10/18/2019

Took Roxie to the Block of Orange today. I had all kinds of issues with my camera as you can see from both the video and editing. I'm very sorry that this happened and have made the corrections to the software so it won't happen again.

Roxie over all did well. She is still jumpy with loud noises. She is frightened by strangers that approach to talk with her. She actually hid behind me today when a couple of grandmothers wanted to say hi to her; this is particularly hilarious given she wouldn't do anything with me on day one.


Roxie Pupdate 10/19/2019

Just a small sample from today. We went to shoot the final video and walked into a James Charles event. I'm not entirely sure how the final video will come out, but you can get a sense of the distractions from the shrilling in the video. Roxie did amazingly well, considering the noise, crowds, etc. I hope you can see the changes in just a week with Roxie. She didn't want to come to/with me on day one, but by day seven she is walking tall and proud.



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