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Rosie | Goldendoodle | Rancho Mission Viejo, CA - In Training

This is Rosie the 4 month old Goldendoodle from Rancho Mission Viejo, CA. She is joining us for our two week Board and Train program. She is a very smart and sweet little teddy bear! She has learned to do a few things for treats but is fairly out of control in public. She is very reactive to her environment often barking at nothing, lunging towards other people/dogs/etc. She often herds and play nips her human siblings, jumps and barks at guests, and is afraid of going on walks at night. I can't wait to see this pup's transformation over the next two weeks!


Pupdate 04/26/2020

Just a few of big Rosie girl checking out the backyard for the first time! She is getting all settled in here, so far shes been a little scared here and there but is making herself at home! She is such teddy bear!


Pupdate 04/27/2020

Miss Rosie girl had her first lesson today! We worked primarily on conditioning her to the E-collar and getting her to pay attention to me. She is coming along already! She caught on pretty quickly that if she ran to me after feeling the muscle stimulation she would get all kinds of praise and even started to follow me around in response. This is the foundation of teaching her that the stimulation means to pay attention. She is eating all her food, sleeping quietly through the night, and napping happily in her kennel throughout the day!


Pupdate 04/28/2020

Rosie got introduced to her temporary brother Nico this morning! She is a very submissive and initially shy pup. It is taking some time to get her completely out of her shell with him, but so far she is a very appropriate player and is having loads of fun. Her lessons today are still focused on her E-collar conditioning starting the basics for Come and Heel. She is pretty high energy but is coming along just fine!


Pupdate 04/29/2020

Rosie worked hard on her Heel today! In the video we start of with her learning to follow me in response to the button, and once she had following me dead center down we switched to her learning to follow me while next to me. What I do to start teaching her this is by doing the "opposite" of what ever mistake she is making, ie. if she goes to far left I turn right, if she falls behind I go faster, she gets ahead I turn around. By doing this her heel gets tighter and tighter as she learns what I want her to do is stick with me. She made a ton of progress today!


Pupdate 04/30/2020

Rosie doing some post session cuddle's with Nico! Miss Rosie is coming along, it's been pretty hot so we have been doing short sessions throughout the day. She got introduced to Sit, Down, and Place today. She is still eating all her food, sleeping through the night and enjoying lots of naps in her Kennel!


Pupdate 05/01/2020

Rosie had a few lessons today, we worked on a bit of everything! I wanted to show off how far her heel has come in the last few days so here she is on an evening walk to a parking lot! She still has moments here and there when she wants to pull, sniff, or jet up ahead but is learning to manage those impulses very well! She is one sweet happy girl!


Pupdate 05/02/2020

Rosie officially knows the basics of all of her commands! Today we practiced getting some distance and duration with all of her stationary commands (Sit, Down, Place) and did a bit of a walk to practice her Heel in different settings. She is coming along so fast! She got a hose down and some lounge time in the backyard after her lesson with Nico and has been one sleepy girl since!


Pupdate 05/03/2020

We worked Rosie girl through her fear of the dark! we went on a whole walk and stopped in a school parking lot to do work some commands and Rosie did great! My camera is not the absolute best in low light situations, but I didn't want you all to miss out on how awesome she is doing! We did the entire lesson without any vocalization or skittishness. She is one smart pup getting braver and more confident by the day!


Pupdate 05/04/2020

Rosie is doing awesome! She went on a very long walk today with the lead dragging behind her the whole way! We took lot's of breaks with the heat, practicing Sits, Downs, and even a Place on a weird rock. She is getting more and more comfortable with new sounds/noises/people often walking past these new things with barely a glance let alone the barking she used to do! I couldn't be prouder of all the progress this mamma is making.


Pupdate 05/05/2020

Despite the heat we actually got a ton of work in with miss Rosie! She got to work through meeting a new playmate, a miniature Schnauzer named Archie, who is a pretty scared and insecure little guy, so Rosie had to be on her best behavior to make him feel comfortable. She really wanted to just sprint up to him and start playing but had to work through several Sits, Downs, Off's. and Heeling before she was allowed to be on break and play with him. We also did some work on getting her to change between Sits and Downs at a distance, after which she sat on Place with Nico for Archie's whole lesson with out trying to come off even once!!


Pupdate 05/06/2020

Rosie just keeps getting better everyday! We worked on distance Sits/Downs with random neighbor passerby's as distractions. Rosie did awesome. The first few new people/dogs/kids were pretty distracting for her but with enough reps she was a total champ! Sometimes not even breaking eye contact with me while other dogs barked in her direction.


Pupdate 05/07/2020

Rosie is just about ready to go home! she has a blip here and there that we are going to be polishing up the next to days, but over all she is awesome! We worked on a little bit of everything today and she can't wait to get to show of for her folks!


Pupdate 05/08/2020

Rosie filmed her final video today and did awesome! She got a little extra play time with these two boys after. She is such a special girl! Nico is really going to miss her playful nature. She has come so far in the last two weeks!


Pupdate 05/09/2020

Little mamma is all ready to go home to her folks. She came with me to get some Boba and show off all her cool skills. She is such a good girl and her new skills make her a bit of a celebrity everywhere she goes!


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