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Romero | Portuguese Water Dog | Oxnard, CA | In - Training

Meet Romero, the handsome 10 month old Portuguese Water Dog from Oxnard, Ca. Romero is here for our Three week Board and Train Program. He is a kind and loyal dog, and he loves to cuddle. He is here to work on his Leash pulling, his door manners, and his reactivity to strangers. Over these next 21 days with “Keeping up with Romero” he will learn so much, help fix behavior, and gain great confidence on his adventures! Stay tuned !


Pupdate: 9/12/21


Pupdate: 9/13/21


Pupdate: 9/14/21


Pupdate: 9/15/21


Pupdate: 9/16/21


Pupdate: 9/17/21


Pupdate: 9/18/21


Pupdate: 9/19/21


Pupdate: 9/20/21


Pupdate: 9/21/21

Romero did a great job walking through the city streets this morning.Today we did a lot of loose leash training to start conditioning to getting him off leash. He also stayed in his under command while greeting a new friend! He’s making great progress, stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 9/22/21

Romero is doing great with his commands, and is gaining more confidence by the day! He’s such a happy boy and looks forward to car rides, and adventures. Today he got a chance to work with some lead trainers, and he had the confidence to listen to the commands given! Good Boy Romero!


Pupdate: 9/23/21

Romero’s confidence has boosted so much more since day one! He hasn’t reacted to visitors, and he’s getting better with her greeting manners. He is definitely the sweetest and super loyal. Check back tomorrow for more!


Pupdate: 9/24/21

Romero is a very happy boy these days! He Does well off leash, and gives great eye contact when given a command. He has opened up a lot and loves to be brushed! Check back tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate: 9/25/21

Romero the sweetest boy finally allowed some cuddles in! He did great with his commands today and has gained so much confidence in himself! His greeting manners are getting better he still prefers to say hi from a distance. He's doing so great stay tuned for more progress!


Pupdate: 9/26/21

Super Sunday funday for Romero today! He enjoyed his day were we did some light training and more confidence building with greeting manners. After he was able to run in the sun, and be a dog. He was a very happy boy today, check back tomorrow for more pupdate fun!


Pupdate: 9/27/21

Today we worked a lot on Romero’s duration commands. He tends to recall out of command if someone gets to close while he’s in a down, sit, or place. We also worked by a skate park to help build his confidence. He’s doing great, check back tomorrow for more!


Pupdate: 9/28/21

Romero is doing great! Today we did some light work in public He did good but we are really working hard to get him confident to hold his place in/ near public distractions. he still love s to be brushed, and he gets excited when it’s time to eat! Tune in tomorrow for his next Pupdate!


Pupdate: 9/29/21

Romero is doing a great job with his heel command. Today’s duration down and place command is a lot better than yesterdays. He definitely has more confidence today and have a lot of eye contact! Romero has improved so much, training has become fun for him! Check back tomorrow for more pupdate adventures!


Pupdate: 9/30/21

Romero did an excellent job with his duration commands today! He’s gained great confidence and has been a good boy with house manners. He is still shy about meeting new people but does great if you say hi! He has met a few other pups in training today and enjoyed working beside them. Stay tuned for Romero’s Fun Friday you won’t want to miss it!


Pupdate: 10/1/21

Romero had a fun friday! He was able to showcase his skills at the Santa Monica Pier and Citadel Outlets. We even got some great greeting manners in today! Great job Romero! Check back tomorrow for Romero’s last day!



Romero has achieved and gained so much confidence from this program! He has learned so much that he now has the proper knowledge to follow commands and is ready to show his family his new skill. Great Job Romero!



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