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Roma | Belgian Malinois/ Lab Mix | Valencia, CA | In-Training

Meet Roma, a 7 month old Belgian Malinois/ Lab Mix from Valencia, CA here for our two week Board and Train Program. Roma is super energetic and is a big people dog but when meeting new friends, she has a difficult time controlling her excitement. Roma is very intelligent so she is schedule oriented. The other concerns Roma's family would like to fix are: jumping on people and biting when meeting someone new/when she gets excited, excessive pulling on the leash while walking, and trust her more in the house as they are afraid she will destroy something. Over the next two weeks, watch Roma's pawesome transformation to be the best version she can be!


PUPDATE 3/7/2021


PUPDATE 3/8/2021

Roma being very submissive to the other training dog which was a great interaction.

Roma practicing down command on a bench (place)

Roma on a place cot


PUPDATE 3/9/2021


PUPDATE 3/10/2021


PUPADTE 3/11/2021

Smile, Roma!

Practicing different Place objects

I told Roma to come and she this is the picture I got!

Practicing distance down


PUPDATE 3/12/2021


PUPDATE 3/13/2021


PUPADTE 3/14/2021


PUPDATE 3/15/2021


PUPDATE 3/16/2021

Very big sploot!

Very good distance down!

Good place Roma!


PUPDATE 3/17/2021

I want to briefly note that she has been experiencing some coughing/sneezing every now and again. It mainly happens when she is really excited but it seemed more prominent today and yesterday.


PUPDATE 3/18/2021


PUPDATE 3/19/2021


PUPDATE 3/20/2021

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