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Pumba | Seven Month Old | Lab Mix | Marina Del Rey, CA | In Training

Pumba is a fun loving, seven month old, rescue from Marina Del Rey, CA. Pumba is here for the world famous two week board and train program. Pumba doesn't have tons of issues beyond pulling on the leash when walking and jumping up when greeting. Pumba has limited understanding of the commands, yet is displaying a temperament that will do well in our program. Stay tuned for Pumba's transformation.

Pumba got to meet Oso this afternoon. They both played throughout the backyard, chasing squirrels and each other. Pumba is currently resting after the afternoon play session.


Pupdate 09/14/2020


Pupdate 09/15/2020

Work hard, sleep hard!

Need to make an appointment to see the vet when Pumba returns. He still has the head shakes, but maybe with a cleaner ear, things will improve.


Pupdate 09/16/2020


Pupdate 09/17/2020

The boys were out on the walk this morning, checking for bunnies and squirrels.

Two mile walk this morning

Hopefully you can see the gunk in his ear. It is definitely causing the head shakes, and over-reactivity to the E-Collar.


Pupdate 09/18/2020

Pumba was practicing the place command this morning. He only fell in the fountain once, lol.

On the way down the boulevard, off leash. Working place command

Super sweet boy


Pupdate 09/19/2020


Pupdate 09/20/2020



Pupdate 09/22/2020

In front of the AMC 30 at the Block of Orange Tuesday afternoon. Pumba was 100% off leash for the 40 or so minutes that we were there. Pumba is still very much his own dog, wondering away once, but by in large, he has a great heel, the duration down is coming along (he likes laying around), and place is improving.


Pupdate 09/23/2020


Pupdate 09/24/2020

Pumba continues to improve day over day. Tonight we took the pups to dinner. He did very well only getting distracted when the kitchen crew removed large trash cans by dragging them past Pumba at close range. Pumba did very well.


Pupdate 09/25/2020


Pupdate 09/26/2020

Pumba when correctly motivated, can do almost anything!


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