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Phoenix| 4 Year Old| Pitbull Lab| Venice, CA| In Training

Meet the lovely Phoenix! She just got dropped off for our two week board and train! She's a super shy gal, with a lot of potential. Phoenix is very afraid of people, and likes to hide, especially under benches in public during walks. Watch her progress as she grows into a more confident pup!

Day of drop off 8/18/2019:

It's been slow and steady progress winning gaining Phoenix's trust. She was a little frightened the first little bit, but she settled down in the crate and ate a little bit of dinner.

Pupdate 8/19/2019

We worked on sit, and come today, with treats. She's been allowing me to touch her sometimes, and she ate all of her dinner tonight. She's such a sweet girl, I've been spending a lot of time just sitting near her, talking to her, and she seems to be warming up a little.

Pupdate 08/20/2019

Pupdate: 8/21/2019

Today we learned place! She's been doing better, not so skittish. She ate a full breakfast this morning too.

Pupdate 08/22/2019

Pupdate 08/23/2019

Today we practiced more basic obedience, and went on a good walk this morning!

Pupdate 08/24/2019

Despite Phoenix having acute anxiety, her heel is improving daily. Way to let go and trust the trainer Phoenix!

Pupdate 8/25/2019

We went for a nice walk, and then practiced down, place, and come.

Pupdate 08/26/2019

Pupdate 08/27/2019

We walked around the neighborhood, practicing our heel around the gardeners. After that we went over basics a little more.

Pupdate 08/28/2019

Pupdate 8/29/2019

Practicing down outside of a local store!

Pupdate 08/30/2019

Pupdate 8/31/2019

Practicing place at a local park!



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