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Petunia | 7 months old | Pit Bull | Los Angeles, CA - In Training

Update #6

This girl right here has made a big comeback from her old self to an obedient puppy! How can you not love that SMILE!!


Update #5

Tuni may look very stern but don’t let that fool you. She’s a very happy, playful puppy that loves getting attentio. So today we worked a lot more with distractions. It’s a working progress!


Update #4

Getting her exposed to nature with all the wildlife distractions really helped with her obedienc! Great job today!


Update #3

Looking sharp during our walk today! After her injuring, her “Heels” are great! Just gotta work on picking up the pace a little. Proud of you Tuni!


Update #2

Already knowing all of her commands and looking sharp! Awesome “Place” on the park bench!


Update #1

Shes back from recovery and ready to train for the next 2 weeks! Stay tuned for her progress!

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