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Penny | Pit Bull | Torrance, CA | In-Training

Meet Penny! Penny is a 5 month old Pitbull from Torrance, CA who is joining us for our One Week Board and Train Program! This sweet little girl struggles with basic obedience and needs help building her confidence. She loves people and other dogs but can be a bit skeptical at first. Penny is ready to learn and be the best pup for her family! Check out her 7 day transformation.


Pupdate 12/11/2022

Penny and I spent some time bonding since she is a bit timid. Penny had a great time during her first lesson today where we worked on ‘come to sit’. She did struggle with the e-collar and was a bit unsure of it. She settled nicely in my home and was able to rest after todays long day. She is such a good girl. 


Pupdate 12/12/2022

Penny and I spent more time building her confidence. She is really timid and seems to crawl when walking around my home. This could be due to the fact that she is unsure and in a new environment. Penny and I worked on her heel and she struggled to get the hang of it at first. She was really interested in all of the grass and bushes around her but did amazing with her sit! Penny ate all of her food and has settled into her kennel nicely! She slept the whole night and didn’t have an accident! 


Pupdate 12/13/2022

Penny and I worked at a local park but she was really overwhelmed. She was really timid and would plant herself on the ground and refuse to walk toward. We took it a step back and worked on her commands inside my home. She is still very nervous walking around my home and will rush ahead of me and just lay on the ground. We did work on her heel which she is getting better at as well as her come to sit. We introduced down today and he seemed to pick it up quickly. She is having a bit of trouble with the e-collar since she doesn't know what it is and hasn't made the connection to the stim with the commands. Overall, she is being a sweet girl and is trying her hardest! 


Pupdate 12/14/2022

Penny and I went to a Cheviot Hills park where we were able to work on her heel and come to sit around distractions. She’s still struggling with her down but did amazing with her place! She did have a hard time going up on a stone bench in the beginning but after a bit of confidence building she was able to jump up no problem! Penny is still very timid and was a little unsure every time we passed people, dogs or loud noises. She does a great job at trying to stay in her commands but will definitely want to walk the opposite direction if she is really spooked. Penny and I worked on her extended sit and she did amazing but will get up and come closer to me if she feels unsure. Overall, she is a good girl! 


Pupdate 12/15/2022

Penny and I worked on all of her commands today. She is still struggling with down especially in a public setting. She seems uncomfortable and would rather sit than down. She is easily spooked by loud noises and cowers down and crawls. It does take a lot of encouragement to get her to move like I showed in the video. She is also very hesitant with other dogs and will crouch down and stay still. We’re working on building her confidence but it’s a little difficult since she seems to be afraid of a lot. We’ve been working on her extended sit and down but she struggled holding it for long periods. We’re going to work on it more since she seems to be really struggling with it. Overall, she is such a sweet girl. She did tear a bit of her bedding. 


Pupdate 12/16/2022

Penny and I worked on all of her commands today at Citadel and Promenade Park. She did a great job with all of her commands but still struggles with her down. She was able to work with other people to practice her commands and did amazing! Though, she struggled to listen to down and it did take her a bit of time to do it. Overall, she is such a good girl! 


Pupdate 12/17/2022

Penny and I worked on all of her commands today at a local park and worked in her manners in my home! She struggled a bit with her door manners but was able to remember what we had practiced before! She did amazing with her food manners but was a little excited. Overall, she did a great job and can’t wait to show you all that she’s learned! 


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