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Ozzy | PitBull | La Habra, CA | In - Training

Meet Ozzy! The 20 month old pitbull from LaHabra, CA! Ozzy Is sweet, loves to jump and play all day! He joined our Three Week Board and Train Program to work on his manners and learn basic obedience. Stay tuned for his 21 day transformation!


Pupdate: 10/10/21

Ozzy and I took some time to get to know each other at the park. He briefly worked on his recall command and he adapted to his new space nicley! I helped hand feed him tonight to give him the courage to eat and he enjoyed that! Stay tuned for tomorrows 1st lesson!


Pupdate: 10/11/21

Ozzy Is one happy and vocal boy! He did well responding to the E - collar on his 1st lesson and was doing good on his recall. He adapted well his 1st night and had healthy stool on his walks. Check back tomorrow for the next lesson!



Ozzy did a good job on his recall lesson today. He had a nice play session with his pup friend in training Chewie! He ate his meals and has been sleeping comfortably at night. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/13/21

Ozzy did a great job with his recall today. We also worked on some food manners! He was briefly introduced to place because we wanted to be light on his legs. Ozzy picked up quickly and enjoyed sitting higher then the ground level on place! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/14/21

Sweet Ozzy enjoyed his day today! We took an easy morning walk to get him going at a good pace. He was introduced to the heel command and did good staying next to my side The whole time! He didn’t seem to bothered by his legs today stay tuned for more progress!


Pupdate: 10/15/21

Ozzy was a very good boy today! He did well on his commands and greeting manners! He wasn’t bothered by his legs and he was hardly limping. He had a good play session with his pal Chewie and ended his night with a full belly! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!


Pupdate: 10/16/21

Today we worked on distance duration! Ozzy did a great job on holding his commands and keeping up with his heel on today’s adventure! He is a lot more responsive to his name and is starting to gain more confidence! Keep up the good work Ozzy! Check back tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate: 10/17/21

Ozzy worked lightly today, letting the leash drag behind him. He did great meeting Bentley the Golden and helping him adapt to his space. Ozzy is doing great with his training and enjoys our adventures! Check back tomorrow for more pupdates!


Pupdate: 10/18/21

We worked a lot on Ozz’s heel command and recall. He is working hard to get that correct sit with out the leashing guiding him. He is making great improvements everyday. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun!


Pupdate: 10/19/21

Ozzy is starting to get the hang of his duration commands. Today he did a good job with his heel, a squirrel slightly threw his attention off but he did well responding to his recall. Check back tomorrow for more Pupdates!


Pupdate: 10/20/21

Ozzy did well today with his commands. We really worked hard on his down command and getting him in a comfortable position to hold it. He did a really good job heeling and he enjoyed being off leash! Keep up the good work Ozzy!


Pupdate: 10/21/21

Ozzy did well with his heel practice today. He has gained more confidence with his duration down and he is more responsive to his name when called as well. I also noticed he is not favoring his leg as much and is starting to have the courage to jump in and out of the car. Although it is great to see his enthusiasm I will still continue to help him in and out of the car to keep him walking comfortable. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/22/21

Ozzy did a great job with his duration commands today! He even placed on to a nice leveled rock that was there just for him! Ozzy is learning so much during this training and keeps gaining confidence by the day! Check back tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate: 10/23/21

Ozzy did a good job today with his greeting manners and food manners. He is also doing well with his recall and gives great eye contact! His place command has gotten a lot better and his leg hardly got in his way! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/24/21

Down has been a command that Ozzy has struggled with a ton in public, which is natural as Down is a very vulnerable command. Today we worked on it a ton, and while he is going about it slowly, he has finally gained the confidence to do it with minimal intervention from me! We also worked on Place quite a bit today and while he is taking his time, he really starting to understand that the word "Place" means to get up on objects. Ozzy is such a great pup!


Pupdate: 10/25/21

Ozzy had so much fun in the rainy weather today! He enjoyed the attention he was receiving in the stores and did well with his greeting manners. Today’s he had a lot more confidence about his place and down command and does a good job staying in command! Check back tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate: 10/26/21

Today was another good day of training for Ozzy. He worked a lot on his place command and door manners. He is such a sweet boy and enjoys every trip we go on, even our walks! He seems to move at a comfortable pace which is great! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun!


Pupdate: 10/27/21

Ozzy did a good job on his place and under command. He’s gotten a lot more comfortable about his down command and understands his place command! Today was a lot of smiles and fun! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


Pupdate: 10/28/21

Ozzy did a good job today with his manners and duration down command. His confidence is growing by the day and he is happy about it! Everyday of training is better than the last, keep up the good work Ozzy!


Pupdate: 10/29/21

Ozzy had a great day working off leash. He has received so many compliments on his behavior and manners. This sweet boy enjoys our adventures and does a great job keeping up!


Pupdate: 10/30/21

Ozzy had an eventful day today! He listened to his commands off leash and worked with distractions! He has learned so much during this training and has gained great confidence! Now he is ready to show his family his new skills and attitude, great job Ozzy! Be on the look out for his final video.



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