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Otis | Weimaraner | South Pasadena, Ca | In-Training

Meet Otis! The handsome 2 year old Weimaraner from South Pasaden, Ca. Otis is very sweet, loyal, and loves to play. He is here for our Two week Board and Train to work on his anxiety, leash pulling, and house manners. Stick around to see his upcoming adventures, and watch his progress grow!


Pupdate: 9/26/21

Otis is a very handsome and kind boy. We spent a little time at the Park getting to know each other, and something tells me we are going to be great buds! He adapted to his temporary place, and wasn’t bothered by his kennel space. Our 1st lesson tomorrow will be fun, come back soon to check out his progress!


Pupdate: 9/27/21

Otis had a great first day! We started with a nice early morning walk around the area so he could get used to the new smells and scents. On his first lesson he did a great job with the e-collar he is a quick learner! Towards the end of our lesson he had his recall command down! Great job Otis!


Pupdate: 9/2821

Otis and Romero have became great friends! It was nice to see them get a couple play sessions in today. Today we did a lot of confidence building by working on his place command and he picked up quickl! Otis enjoyed watching the squirrels run by while he stayed on place. Today was a great day for Otis, tune in tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate 9/29/21

Today was a good day for Otis. I introduced the heel command to him and he caught on quickly, he really is a fast learner! Check back tomorrow for more Pupdate progress


Pupdate: 9/30/21

Otis is doing a great job with his lessons. Today we worked on his place command where he can sit or down on any object other than the ground. Again he is a quick learner and he seems to enjoy placing on to objects that has him sitting tall! Check back again tomorrow to see his next adventure!


Pupdate: 10/1/21

Otis did a great job today on his adventures to the Pier and Outlets! He did well with his commands and was super happy to place on new and higher objects! Tune In tomorrow to see more of his progress!


Pupdate 10/2/21

Otis is having so much fun! Place and break are his favorite commands. He enjoyed his play session with his bud Romero and took a nice nap on the ride back! Meal time is his favorite time of the day and everything is healthy and solid on the restroom breaks. Tune Back in tomorrow for more fun!


Pupdate: 10/3/21

Otis is doing so well on his command. Today we worked a lot with letting the leash drag behind and he did great! His confidence has improved a lot and everyday he is excited for our next adventure! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/4/21

Otis did a great job with his confidence building today. He placed on a couple high objects he felt he couldn’t do at first! His favorite place was on top of a large rock! He’s doing well with his training and he is one happy boy! Check back tomorrow for more!


Pupdate: 10/5/21

Otis is doing such a good job on his training! Today we worked off leash all day and he did great with his commands. He has also gotten better with his attachment behavior! Otis has become confident enough to hang out on his own and is super excited and ready to go when its time for our next adventure! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/6/21

Today Otis was on top of the world! He was definitely the city boy and again did great with his commands! His friend Romero has gone home and he has adapted quickly to his new friend Chewie! Otis has been one happy dog! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/7/21

Training these days have become easy for Otis! He enjoys our trips and does well responding to commands given! Today he did a great job on his duration down at Starbucks and had great confidence walking through crowds of people at the Japanese Village! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun!


Pupdate: 10/8/21

Otis did good today at the Pier off leash! He was unsure about some place spots. But once we worked through it he was confident enough to jump on a new place object and hold his command! Today was a happy Friday for Otis Stay tuned for his final day!


Pupdate: 10/9/21

Otis did a great job today with his commands! He has gained so much confidence since day one and has improved so much on his manners! Today was super fun and Otis enjoyed his last day! He is now ready to show his family his new skills! Be on the look out for his final video!



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