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Pupdate 4/19/2020

Oscar is settling in well, and warming up to me quickly! He ate all his dinner, and we worked on heel a bit today during our evening walk. We worked on his basics too, and adding some duration to them. Tomorrow we'll do more heeling, and introduce place.


Pupdate 04/20/2020


Pupdate 4/21/2020

Oscar hanging out this morning! Today we worked on recall on a long lead around the neighborhood, and more heel practice. He's catching on quickly, I plan to take him on a small nature trail tomorrow to practice his recall around more wildlife distractions. He's out of the harness now (we had it on this morning because it was a bit chilly) & adjusting to the E-Collar well!


Pupdate 04/22/2020


Pupdate 4/23/2020

We started our morning with a nice little hike! Oscar did well heeling, aside from trying to dash after a few lizards here and there. I corrected him chasing the lizards with the E-Collar and he came back promptly. I'm hoping to get out more to practice his recall around wildlife distractions. After a mile or so he was a bit warm so we headed back home to the AC. We'll be working on place later this evening! Overall he's doing great. Warming up to people quickly, pottying well and eating all of his food.


Pupdate 04/24/2020


Pupdate 4/25/2020

Practicing our door manners! He's getting much better with this, and webe also been working on calming down after someone knocks on the door.



Pupdate 4/27/2020

Getting some good scratches in after training! We had a pretty mellow day, woke up early to walk around the neighborhood. He got a bit spooked by a lawnmower rounding a corner and was nervous for a couple minutes after that, but we worked through it, going slow and steady with lots of gentle praise when his focus got better. After that we worked in the front yard with another pup walking around hanging out. We also practiced heeling with him beside my dog for a little bit and he did well.



Pupdate 4/29/2020

Practicing place! This was a good confidence builder for Oscar, he was a bit nervous with the neighbor beside the park mowing his lawn, but we took it slow, and with lots of gentle reassurances we conquered the noisy park bench. He's been doing much better with his leash manners and heel, but he still gets a little overwhelmed sometimes and tries to dart between my legs if he's unsure.



Pupdate 5/1/2020

On a hike this morning! He was a little overwhelmed by the mountain bikers zipping by the road to the trail head, but he stayed in heel, although a little stressed about it. I'd put him in a down, and when I'd give him the release command he would run off to the side to sit by the bushes and wait for me. We did a little bit of off leash on the actual trail, and he did great, he'd fall behind me when the trail would narrow, but would come back to my side when there was enough room. We practiced our duration downs, and I'd give him a break, he'd jump up excitedly and hop around the trail, and I'd recall him back.




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