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Oreo | American Bully Lab Mix | Harbor City, CA | In-Training

Meet Oreo an American Bully Lab Mix . He is here for our Two-Week Board and Train Program. He‘s a powerful puller on leash. He sometime jumps to greet people and he be a bit of a vacuum eating a lot of things he shouldn’t. We will work to fix the bad habits and create new positive ones. Keep an eye on his 14-Day transformation!

________________________________________ Pupdate 12/5/2021

Oreo’s settling in just fine. He initially had a little anxiety riding in the car but eventually overcame it. He got to meet my puppy and even didn’t seem to mind my cat walking around. He is sweet and even affectionate once he settles down. Over the course of the next 14 days I will do my best to make his problem areas a thing of the past and make his best qualities shine! Watch as he blossoms into an even more amazing dog!

Pupdate 12/6/2021

Today was Oreo’s first full day of training. He really is an awesome dog. He is great inside and he picked up on things very quickly with our training sessions today. He did pull towards a man that was running in the park near us, but it seemed more like him wanting to greet rather than bad intentions. I will keep an eye on that as I begin to train him in more populated areas in the days to come. Overall it was a really solid session and I look forward to how far I can take him!

Pupdate 12/7/2021

Today Oreo and I went out to the Westfield Shopping Center in Valencia. We made sure to go at a time the was less busy and it worked out just great. It allowed us to work on our commands with very few people (distractions) and have successful repetitions. He did get a little anxious being in a shopping center with new sights and smells. However, he was able to overcome his anxiety and work through it. Day 2 is in the books and we continue build from there!

Pupdate 12/8/2021

Oreo and I went to Whaley Park in Long Beach today. Our main focus was on his Come and his Heel commands. I got to experience more personality today from Oreo which showed more youthful and energetic dog. It took a little bit for him to settle down, but once he dialed back in. Everyday there has been more some improvement in all his commands, so we hope to continue with that trend. It was a solid overall day of training. Day 3 is in the books!

Pupdate 12/9/2021

Oreo and I went down to the Long Beach Convention Center today. He did pretty good. The more I take him out and train the more I see his confidence and strong will. It takes him just a moment to realize we are training but then he kicks it into gear. I have noticed a little reactivity to others dogs when we go for walks. Other than he has gotten down our routine and all of his training is coming along nicely. I look forward to how he progresses over the next week.

Pupdate 12/10/2021

Oreo is a fun and strong dog to work! He has good focus in places with less distractions. It seems that in parks he gets a little overly excited at first. The combination of people and dogs can amp him up. However, he is learning to control him self better daily. On one of our walks today he met an elderly neighbor of mine and did fantastic. It’s been a great first week!

Pupdate 12/11/2021

Oreos first week is in the books! He has come far, but we still have some work to do to take him to the next level. He is eager to please but his burst of energy can sometime make him lose focus. He is a fun but powerful dog and has shown his dominate side from time to time. We are going to push the limits in this new week and see just how far Oreo can go!

Pupdate 12/12/2021

Today was Sunday Funday for Oreo and I. Despite having even more fun than a normal day, we were still able to get a solid training session in today. Exercise coupled with training is going to be the key to Oreo’s success. We are a step closer to being off leash and will hit the the ground running come tomorrow. Keep an eye on his progress this week!

Pupdate 12/13/2021

Oreo and I hit the local Home Depot. He was really interested in all the new smells. So we practiced his Heel command a lot in the beginning of his session to keep him moving and not giving him a chance to want to mark (which he does if you give him the opportunity.) He is a step closer to being off leash ready so we will continue to challenge him with his remaining days of training. It was a solid overall session today.

Pupdate 12/14/2021

Today was a super rainy day which ate up most of our day. However, we still got a solid training session in our garage to hone Oreo’s Come and Heel command off leash. In the afternoon when the rain let up we made it over to the 2nd & PCH Shopping Center. I noticed Oreo seemed more interested in his surroundings with fewer people around as opposed to lots of people in shopping centers. That being said he pulled it together and finished up a good day of training!

Pupdate 12/15/2021

Oreo and I hit the Citadel Outlets today. He got a little excited and distracted with all the moving people. Although, he wasn’t off leash overall it was a good session. I will take him back to more crowded areas to see if we can dial him in a little more. Four more days and he will be back home in time for Christmas.

Pupdate 12/16/2021

Oreo had some good improvement from yesterday to today. He is doing a little more with leash dragging every day. He can have a strong will that kicks in from time to time, which makes him want to do what he wants. With a clear and effective communication though he is learning to keep his attention on training for longer periods and get distracted less and less. We will make these remaining two days the best yet!

Pupdate 12/17/2021

Today Oreo and I went down to the Pike Outlets. It’s a little tough for Oreo in crowded areas. Despite that he has gotten so much better at it. When there is not too many distractions around he can do really well and stay fairly dialed in. He has been a fun and strong dog to work with. Tomorrow will finish out his training with fun and getting him ready to go back home!

Pupdate 12/18/2021

We made it to our final session today. I am most proud of how well Oreo now walks on leash. Although we were only able to get him off leash in the home environment and only dragging the leash in public he has learned so much and will go home a much better dog. He has a strong will, but he can keep his focus much better especially when training is fun and there is some reward for him. I look forward handing him over tomorrow and going over everything he has learned!


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