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Opie | Husky Dog Training | Maywood, CA

Opie the Siberian Husky from Maywood, Ca recently completed his 2 Week Board & Train program, where we focus on our off-leash dog training while boarding the dog for 2 weeks during the training. Opie was trained by Balanced Canine Training SoCal

dog trainer Heather Acosta.

In Training:

This 4 year old boy is known as the ultimate escape artis, he runs away and won’t come home

Building stability

Down; owner said he will never lay down outside of the house

Building distance and stability

Training or Shopping? no one will ever know

Lunch date

Good looks, good personalit, now great obedience to match.

Making friends

working on our after video today

OffLeash SoCal provides off leash dog training for Maywood, CA


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