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Ophelia| 10 month American Staffordshire Terrier | Hawthorne CA| In Training|

Day of Drop off


Ophelia the sweetheart, has decided she would like to attend our Two Week Board & Train program. She Loves to sit pretty, loves to play with other dogs, and goes nuts for the hose. Although she is Super sweet, Ophelia is a bit of an escape artist, and has hard a time with manners. Our plan is to work together as a team to overcome these difficulties, to unlock Ophelia’s full potential. Stand by for our daily Pupdates.


Pupdate #1


Pupdate #2

My favorite part about Ophelia isn’t her adorable ears, but her ability to hold commands, she defiantly aims to please.


Pupdate #3

going from place to place helps Ophelia build her confidence. The more confident she is the more shes going to want to work for you. We love training days in the park.


Pupdate #4


Pupdate #5

Ophelia at Downtown Disney, finding a nice fountain to place on.


Pupdate #6


Pupdate #7

Ophelia jumped up here all on her own to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.


Pupdate #8


Pupdate #9

Our sweet girl was the main attraction today at Huntington Beach everyone had to say hi.


Pupdate #11

Ophelia wants to go for a drive in the Camaro, she can appreciate fast cars when she sees one.


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