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Oliver | 3 month old | Mini Goldendoodle | Studio City, CA | In Training

Oliver is joining us for two weeks to help with potty training and other very basic commands.

Pupdate 11/22/2019

Pupdate 11/22/2019.1

Oliver makes it rather difficult to get fantastic pictures. Good news is he and Oso played with a bone (yes, the same one) together for a couple of hours. Oliver finally exhibited the tinkling that was described, but I strongly believe that it is puppy excitement more than submissive behavior.

Pupdate 11/23/2019

Pupdate 11/24/2019

Pupdate 11/25/2019

Out today with another trainer for lunch and work at an outdoor mall. Oliver was cute as ever and he is starting to pick up where he is supposed to be walking, etc. Holding any command at this point is nearly impossible, but it is expected.

Oliver is crushing any and all food available. He put down 3/4 cup in am, 1/2 cup at lunch and will be getting 3/4 cup tonight. He loves his food!!

Pupdate 11/26/2019

Pupdate 11/27/2019

Puppy pandemonium at Starbucks. Max is a five month old Golden that Oliver got to spend some time with.

Probably needed to clean the lens on the camera. Obviously this was yesterday, no rain! Oliver was a champ, he heeled more than 1.5 miles to Starbucks, had a long break, and heeled all the way home. He was afraid of the traffic on a busy street, very normal. On the way back however was more prepared for the noise. All part of puppy development.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Oliver has been getting out when the rain slows down (apparently not stopping today). Just got back from a walk with Oliver and Oso, using Oso as a benchmark for positioning. Oliver has been getting to the front area consistently for potty breaks (you still touch him and he pees however).

Oliver also doesn't miss an opportunity to play with Oso. The picture is Oliver jumping up to bite Oso's ear.

Pupdate 11/29/2019

Pupdate 11/30/2019

Big day down and back to Starbucks, then out tonight for a post dinner stroll. Oliver is doing very well. He potties on command, still gets excited and pees, but overall everything is moving forward.

Pupdate 12/2/2019

Just a few stills from the other night. Oliver definitely is a challenge trying to photograph.

Pupdate 12/03/2019

Huge progress from day one...

Pupdate 12/04/2019

The super exciting Oliver going potty. Other things in the video- he sits upon command going in and out of a door, including car. Oliver knows where to go, he goes when asked, he still is trying to figure out WHEN he needs to go. The body and brain are not connected with 100% reliability.

Pupdate 12/05/2019

Heading back from the groomers. Super fluffy and smelling great.



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