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Nugget | Shitzu | 14 Months | Van Nuys | In Training

Nugget is a fun little fuzz ball with a lot of energy and little boundaries. Over the next two weeks we'll be working on obedience and manners. We spent a bit of our day walking around a shopping center to wait out traffic on our way home, and now he's settling in nicely. We're gonna go for another walk tonight to introduce leash manners and the Ecollar.

Pupdate 1/26/2020

Today we worked on not biting at hands, and practicing come and sit! His recall is good, and he's getting the hang of sitting on command. We're about to go for our evening walk and eat dinner. He didn't eat all of his food this morning, but ate a few bites.

Pupdate 1/28/2020

We practiced sit and leash manners at a local park today, and introduced down! He's a stubborn little dude, but I'm hopeful we'll start making more progress with this over the next few days.

Pupdate 1/30/2020

Nugget and I went to the Home Depot to practice some of our basics. He's still a bit stubborn with down, and has a hard time around people walking by, but we're making progress with it! He's not biting, and we've stopped the humping.


Practicing those food refusal skills! Our camera died mid recording today 🤦‍♀️ Expect a video tomorrow and the next day. Today consisted of working on place and down this morning, and holding sit for longer periods. He didn't eat all of his breakfast, but he ate all of his dinner.

Update 2/2 continued:

We went to a outlet mall this evening to practice our off leash basics! We need to work on getting his heel tighter, but he's great at loose leash walking and his recall has gotten better. After our outing he played in the backyard with the pups, and then ate dinner.

Pupdate 1/3/2020 Back at the Home Depot, practicing offleash. He spent a good chunk of the evening playing in the backyard with the pups after training.

Pupdate 2/5/2020

Working on place in different places! We had a nice walk this morning off leash around the neighborhood and he did well. This evening we're practicing holding place for longer periods of time.

Pupdate 02/06/2020

Pupdate 2/7/2020

Practicing place at Home Depot! We also worked on tightening up our heel off leash, tomorrow we'll go for a jog and work on his heel while running.