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Nana | Husky Shepherd Mix | Cerritos, CA | In-Training

Updated: Nov 21

Meet Nana! She is a year old Husky Shepherd Mix from Cerritos, CA. She is a very sweet and playful girl. While Nana is a quick learner and generally a happy girl but when she gets over excited she jumps on people, gets mouthy, and ignores her commands. She is with us for our Two Week Board and Train to expand upon all her basic commands, get her better at working around other pups, and get her to focus in public. Stay tuned for her 14 day journey!

Pupdate 11/08/2020

Nana is doing awesome! She isn't a huge fan of my pup Nico yet, she got a bit reactive with him just walking near her kennel, but that means we get to work her through it! Otherwise she is eating, kenneling, and cruising in the backyard like she owns the place! I am so excited to start her journey and see how much she is going to grow over the next two weeks!

Pupdate 11/09/2020

Nana is doing really well! She is eating well, sleeping pretty well (has some kennel anxiety, but nothing out of control), and is learning fast! She worked on a little bit of everything today and is already doing really well. She does have a bit of a wandering eye we are working on, but once I have her attention she is doing really well! I am so excited to see how fast she is going to start expanding all of her commands!

Pupdate 11/10/2020

Miss Nana worked with a reactive little pup today and did absolutely great! She is having quite a bit of kennel separation anxiety now that she is all settled in, she is happy as can be in there until the lights are out with us in the other room! I am sure she will get better as we get further along though! She is picking up on things really fast! Her biggest struggle today was differentiating between her Sit and her Down and her biggest win was doing almost all her commands without any leash pressure!

Pupdate 11/11/2020

Nana worked at a park with her friend from yesterday! She is starting to understand side corrections and getting some distance on her commands! We are going to be focusing on some confidence training with her commands tomorrow and I am so excited to see her start gaining some security in public! She also had her best night in the kennel yet! se whined for a 15 or so minutes and then slept through the whole night!

Pupdate 11/12/2020

Nana doesn't think my training jokes are very funny! She had a very big day today. As we start piling on the difficulty miss Nana likes to protest with her face jumping! However, she is progressing by leaps and bounds and really beginning to understand what the commands mean and that nipping at hands and jumping at faces are not ways of getting out of doing her commands! She is such a sweetheart and starting to offer up commands left and right whenever she wants my attention. Her favorite in the backyard right now is to leap on to the elevated place cot we practice with when she is excited and wants some love!

Pupdate 11/14/2020

Miss Nana worked really hard today! We did several long sessions at the park and she was exhausted this evening! She helped me make you a video teaching her recall command during her last session. It is intended to give you a bit of background/basic knowledge on keeping the command tight. Her two main struggles with the command are under and over shooting the "sweet spot" right where she needs to be to go into a Heel really smoothly. Utilizing the leash the way I do in the video is the best way to help her through that if down the line she starts testing you! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

Pupdate 11/14/2020

I almost got a good one with her ears up! She always puts them down when I have my camera out, she seems to know that means no belly rubs for a minute! She went to the shopping center and practiced a bit of everything. She did really well, she got tired quite quickly since there was a ton going on, but she did awesome! She also did an extreme duration/distance Place for a whole tennis match at the end of her first lesson of the day. I can't wait to get to take her all over the place in this second week!

Pupdate 11/15/2020

Nana conquered her most challenging environment yet! We filmed a Heel instructional and practiced a bit of everything at the outdoor mall! Please do let me know if you have any questions!

Pupdate 11/16/2020

Miss Nana worked really hard at the shopping center today! She is really coming along. A security guard that used to work with K9 units stopped and complimented on how great she looks and just about had to pick up his jaw from the floor when he learned she is only half way through the program! She did some puppy push ups today (switching between down and sit and down and so on) which are a big accomplishment for her since she really loves to default into a down position. I am so excited to be upping the difficulty on this girl!

Pupdate 11/17/2020

Miss Nana went to Home Depot today and did really great! She was very distracted by all the sights, smells, and noises at first and needed a few more reminders than usual but over all did really awesome!

Pupdate 11/18/2020

These guys all got to play together today! Miss Nana is very anxious and in the beginning of her training she would bark at both of the other two quite a bit and would often trigger reactions in them. Then once she got comfortable enough to not lash out, she was very timid and wanted to pal around more with me then play. However, today she finally came completely out of her shell and has been playing well and appropriately. Once she was completely out of her shell there were a couple instances of her being a bit too forward with the other two, trying to mount, going from timid to tackling, but we have worked on her approach and have been teaching her manners and she is doing really well. I absolutely love seeing her having a blast!

Pupdate 11/19/2020

Miss Nana helped me me train a new trainer and did an instructional video on all her stationary commands! She is looking so good and her confidence is coming out more and more each day! Playing with the other pups in the backyard her tail is now up in the air with her ears forward and she is getting excited about her commands!

Pupdate 11/20/2020

Nana filmed most of her final video today! She still has a few manners videos to shoot tomorrow but she is almost ready to get all packed up to go home!



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