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Nala | One Year Old | Husky | Pico Rivera, CA | In Training


Nala is on deck for our Two Week Board and Train program! She is a very loving and playful girl who is going to be practicing not pulling arms off while walking on the leash and to focus on the commands she's given instead of everything around her.


Pupdate 01/13/2020

Today I got Nala familiar with the E-collar during our early morning walk to the park. She is a very sweet girl who is eager to learn and is feeling confident about her next two weeks. She loves to pose for the camera too.


Pupdate 01/14/2020


Pupdate 01/15/2020


Pupdate 01/16/2020

Starting to work her commands in public, higher distraction locations. I found that Nala gets nervous around automatic opening doors so we are working on building her confidence around those as well. The employees at Lowe’s have taken a special liking to her and gave her some treats for being such a friendly girl.


Pupdate 01/17/2020

Fun day at the Walk of Fame. Heavy distractions at every turn but Nala pushed through her anxiety and was having a great time exploring Hollywood.


Pupdate 01/18/2020

Nala's confidence is building everyday! She is now willing to place on a squeaky, rolling cart which believe it or not, took her lots practice. It shows that she is starting to trust the commands more and is getting more self confident by stepping out of her comfort zone.


Pupdate 01/19/2020


Pupdate 01/20/2020

Today Nala took a long off leash walk with me to Lowe's. She's doing great off leash and loves to explore the garden section. She also practiced some off leash duration down while we waited for my lunch.


Pupdate 01/21/2020



Got started early this morning getting some morning zoomies out before getting to work. With only a few days left before Nala graduates, she has been working hard to sharpen all of her new skills up before heading home to show mom and dad all that she's learned.


Pupdate 01/23/2020


Pupdate 01/24/2020

Nala doing some shopping today at Victoria Gardens and Bass pro shop. Not a leash in sight.


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