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Nala | English Cream Retriever | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Nala, a one year old English Cream Retriever, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Nala is a sweet girl who loves everyone she meets. She comes to us with a few naughty habits: leash pulling, grabbing things and not letting go, lack of following commands when distracted, and resource guarding. over the next two weeks Nala will be working on her off leash obedience and manners! Check in to see her progress!




Pupdate 12/31/2021


Pupdate 1/1/2022


Pupdate 1/2/2022

Today Nala and I went to a local school to work on her commands. Nala worked semi-off leash today! I let her drag the leash around while we practiced her obedience. She did pretty good. Some more practice and Nala will be working completely off leash!


Pupdate 1/3/2022

Today Nala and I went to The Block at Orange to work on her off leash commands around distractions. We met with other OffLeash SoCal trainers to work around other dog distractions. I was recording while another trainer worked with Nala. She did very good job today!


Pupdate 1/4/2022

Today Nala and I stayed home and worked on her off leash obedience. We worked on her door manners as well. She did doing very well with her training. We just need a little more work on her duration, she tries to get up and follow me when I walk away from her.


Pupdate 1/5/2022

Today Nala and I went to The Grove to work on her off leash commands. She did a very good job! She was very focused and well behaved. Unfortunately we were stopped by the security who said Nala had to be on leash.She did better today with her duration.


Pupdate 1/6/2021

Today Nala and I took a trip over to Hollywood to work on her off leash obedience on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She did an amazing job with all the loud noises and distractions going on around us. She wasn’t nervous or antsy. Nala was very calm and confident. I am really proud of how she did today!


Pupdate 1/7/2022

Today Nala and I went to the park to work on his commands. We worked on her distance and duration. She has done great with her training!


Pupdate 1/8/2022

Today Nala took the day off from training. She had a spa day at the groomers and spent the rest of the day socializing and playing with her friends before she leaves. Nala can’t wait to go home and show you everything she has learned!


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