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Australian Cattle Dog - Dog Training | Momo | Los Angeles, CA

Momo, a Australian Cattle Dog Mix from Los Angeles, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Two Week Board & Train dog training program. Momo was trained by dog trainer Haley Giwoff in Costa Mesa, CA.

This is Momo the 9 month old Australian Cattle Dog Mix from Los Angeles . She is incredibly sweet and super smart, but she is pretty timid of new people, pulls a ton on the leash, likes to go after bikes, and isn't super comfortable on her own in her kennel. She has joined our two week board and train program to work on her obedience and hopefully gain a bit of confidence!


Pupdate 03/01/2020

Today was Momos first afternoon away from mom and dad. It took awhile for her to come all the way out of her shell but she is doing great! She got introductions to the camera, the E-Collar, and her definite favorite her roomie for the next two weeks Nico. They get along famously, though they both want to be the one being chased and are learning how to take turns.


Pupdate 03/02/2020

Momo slept through the night like an angel after wolfing down her dinner and she got over her little bit of kennel anxiety. Momo got to do a quick tour of the neighborhood and some more introduction to the E-collar as well as a few commands. We worked on making her a little less afraid of her own shadow, the basics for walking without pulling, her place command, and started working on her door manners. She's got dinner, a night session, and some playtime before bed tonight!


Pupdate 03/03/2020

Momo slept great through the night and was a big ball of energy all day. We worked on not jumping up to say hi, E-collar basics, and did a ton of work on her heel! She is still really timid outdoors and needs quite a bit of work on her confidence but is making progress every session!


Pupdate 03/04/2020

Momo had a bit of kennel anxiety last night, but still got enough rest to totally rock it on our afternoon hike. Her heel is coming along great and she's getting more and more confident. She even did really great with the bikes and new people we encountered!


Pupdate 03/05/2020

Momo is doing awesome! She worked in the front driveway today working through her duration and distance on commands. Her sit, place, and heel are fantastic and her down is coming onlong. She worked up a huge appetite today and scarfed down her dinner. Her kennel anxiety is improving everyday and she is getting more confident outside with each session.


Pupdate 03/06/2020

Momo is coming along awesome! She slept through the night great and is eating well. She did confidence building at a park today. She is still easily startled but is starting to lean more on her obedience when she is scared. So excited to see how she does as we start to up the distraction level!


Pupdate 03/07/2020

Momo is getting better and better about being kenneled. This afternoon she even went in there without any direction! She conquered Home Depot today, working on obedience in a new and scary place. She was quite nervous at first but quickly settled in and got comfortable. She even sat politely for several strangers to say hi and give her some pets. She also did some confidence building working through getting on top of strange objects (a pile of door mats and a big paint bucket). Which she was incredibly proud of herself after.


Pupdate 03/08/2020

Momo had a busy day today. She had two walks around the neighborhood and a few play sessions before doing the evening at the Irvine Spectrum. She started of with quite a long list of fears; all the fountains, the misters, the rolling trash bins, and the ferris wheel to name a few. However by the end of the session she was placing on the ledges by the fountains and holding downs in front of the misters and placing on a bench just under the ferris wheel. She was definitely out of her comfort zone so she was pretty nervous but worked through a ton of her anxiety tonight!


Pupdate 03/09/2020

Momo went to Fashion Island in Newport today. Her obedience is coming along great! She still had quite a lot of anxiety and is slowly but surely getting better with more exposure. She did some more work on her fear of fountains and got a ton of compliments on her behavior from passersby!


Pupdate 03/10/2020

Momo went to Home Depot today. We focused on meeting new people and while Momo is still a bit shy and lacking in confidence she did awesome! Momo is getting sharper and happier every lesson!


Pupdate 03/11/2020

Momo went back to Irvine spectrum today. She got tons of pets from all kinds of people and did awesome. She worked a lot on her distance and duration of commands (ie. staying on place/in a down/in a sit for long periods of time while I was a distance away). She got all kinds of compliments, oo's, and ahh's from everybody around! She is still a bit fearful of new fountains, but works through them quicker each time we work on it. She is beginning to really appreciate her crate she goes in there of her own volition whenever she is tired, hungry, or has a toy she doesn't feel like sharing!


Pupdate 03/12/2020

Momo worked on her sits and downs in high distraction over at Costco today. We made several two legged friends and even though the noise and commotion was a bit scary for Momo she did awesome! There was a ton going on between carts, cars, people, kids, and tons of interesting smells. Overall she is just about ready to go home to her Mom and Dad and show off all her new skills!


Pupdate 03/13/2020

Momo working on her results video today and working like a champ! She got a special treat after for being such a good girl! She has come so far in the last two weeks and is ready to show her folks.


Pupdate 03/14/2020

Momo's last lesson before going home! She is turning heads everywhere we go with how sharp she is! She has come a long way in two weeks and we are going to miss her tons! She is getting all her last minute play sessions in and getting ready to see her parents in the morning!


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