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Mochi | 5 months old | GoldenDoodle | Burbank, CA | In Training

Update #6

Taking a break from being out in the sun, we decided to train in Low’s. With big carts, loud noises, and lots more people, he held his obedience and training all together and looked so professional! So proud of this little guy for doing such a great job over the two weeks of training.


Update #5

Took training at the park where they’re lots more kids and other dogs around. Yup, he did amazing, especially when it came to one of his favorite command, “Place”. Didn't care for much of the distractions around.


Update #4

As wild as he can be, he also has this side of him where he knows when it’s play time and work time. practicing our “Heel“ where during a walk, he stays on your left side without pulling or getting distracted. He’s getting better and better!


Update #3

Mochi really caught on quick learning not to run out the door when he sees it open. It can lead into safety issues when a dog runs out of the house when a door is left open. He's learning his boundaries for sue!


Update #2

We’ll be working on distractions a lot since Mochis mind is thinking about everything around him. Here, he’s doing “Place” where you have him sit onto any object till told another command. As a puppy, his energy is very high so we’ll also be focusing on teaching him to be calm and patient.


Update #1

This little pup right here has soooo much energy and so driven to do whatever is on his mind. Always happy to run around and play. Super adorable but at times it gets a bit to much when trying to get him to recall or to get him to listen. So he’ll be training for the next two weeks to learn awesome commands and to more obedience.


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