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Maybelle | Basenji | Gardena, CA

Maybelle the Basenji from Gardena, CA went through the OffLeash SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Program. Maybelle was trained by Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA.

Welcoming back Maybelle! She had to leave early on her first try due to some stomach problems she was experiencing but she's back to take another shot at a 2 week board and train! We are hoping to get her light understanding of commands to a higher level and to improve her ability to complete commands around distractions.


Pupdate 01/18/21

Maybelle is hesitant to learn the place command after returning to training. She is a little nervous to hop on at first but with practice begins jumping up on the cott. She is having some trouble making a full sit but it appears to be uncomfortable for her without sitting in her own cute way.


Pupdate 01/19/21

Maybelle out working her commands around my dog Kylo today. She gets very distracted at first but begins to relax and can get her focus back to commands with use of the E-Collar to keep her attention.


Pupdate 01/20/21

Maybelle and I spent a long time at a park today training in an open field. There were lots of dogs walking the track around us and Maybelle was extremely distracted by each one. The more socialization she gets the better because after working for some time with the collar I was able to redirect her attention from other things going on around us back to our commands. Worked heavily on weaving through poles and then ending in a down command. She is stubborn with down and requires gentle guidance.


Pupdate 01/21/21

Maybelle out practicing heel more today. It is her problem command so we are putting the most time into it. Maybelle will heel but requires constant correction with the E-Collar at this point to keep her focus on the command on not everything else.


Pupdate 01/22/21

Today we practiced all of Maybelles commands along with a long walk on a busy street where Maybelle practiced the heel command around distractions. She would lose focus if something loud drove by us like a motorcycle or large truck. Also wants to smell everything on the ground as we walk.


Pupdate 01/23/21

We got out on a nice long walk before the rain. Maybelle showing off her not full sit here. She typically sits this way as I think it's most comfortable for her. She will put her butt all the way on the ground but it usually requires to be pressed and she naturally lifts up a bit after a short time. Maybelle also is still requiring constant correction with the E-Collar to keep her attention otherwise she trails off to smell things.


Pupdate 01/24/21

Today has been a tough one for Maybelle. She wasn't able to hold it through the night and had a case of diarrhea in her crate to start her day. We got into our first training session of the day and she was acting very lethargic. After working for about 45 minutes she began throwing up. It is mostly liquids that she is throwing up so I am making sure to give her lots and lots of water to replace her fluids. Hoping her state improves tonight.


Pupdate 01/25/21

Maybelle is seemingly feeing a little better today. A little bit of diarrhea still but no more throwing up and she seemed to have more energy. We went in a day trip to Lowe's to practice heeling out in public along with working in her other commands. She is very curious about everything going on around her and will listen if corrected by the E-Collar but if left up to her she'd rather sniff around and check everything out.


Pupdate 01/26/21

Maybelle out working with her pup in training Kayu. She is okay at holding the heel command around him but still would rather sniff everything in sight


Pupdate 01/27/21

Practicing the down command more and more. She is still sitting in her own cute little awkward way. This appears to be the best she can sit because of her body type. When laying down she requires a bit of light leas pressure still before she decides to lay.


Pupdate 01/28/21

Out and about today practicing the down command at random during our walk. We went to a big Field where I let Maybelle drag her leash and practice her commands. Without use of the leash Maybelle is not very interested in paying attention or following her commands. Her down is also a little wonky as just like her sit she is uncomfortable and can't lay all the way down.


Pupdate 01/29/21

Maybelle out working the weave poles again because it's a great excercise to teach her she really needs to try to focus on her handler more than her surroundings. We practiced for a bit on leash before switching to off leash. She is fighting off a small case of diarrhea again with a small amount of blood in her stool but appears to be acting normally otherwise.


Pupdate 01/30/21

Maybelle working some off leash down today with me. She takes a few times of being asked usually before she decides to listen because she is a stubborn girl but once she understands we are more stubborn than she is, she givesin and does the command.


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