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Mango | XL Pit Bull | Redondo Beach, CA | Boarding

Meet Mango, a one year old XL Pit Bull from Redondo Beach, CA. Mango has joined us again for boarding over the weekend. We will be spending time together going on walks and having playtime. Mango will even get to meet new friends to run around and play with. We will also keep up with Mango's commands to be consistent in maintaining his training!



Mango had no problem readjusting to my home! Once he got out of the car, he ran around the yard, ready to explore. He was so excited to see his old friends and even meet some new ones! Mango spent the rest of the day playing and taking naps in between.


Pupdate 4/19/2024

Today Mango joined us for a run around the neighborhood. Since running didn’t tire him out, we went back home and played a game of fetch. We also played Mango’s favorite game where I chase him for the ball. 


Pupdate 4/20/2024

Today Mango and I went for a walk up the street in the morning. Once we got home, it was time for breakfast and a nap. After, we spent the entire day with some more playtime. From being in the hot sun and running around, Mango dipped his paws in the doggy pool and cooled off. He’s been having a lot of fun here, but he is more excited to go home tomorrow!


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