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Mango | Goldendoodle | Culver City, CA | In-Training

Mango, a four year old Goldendoodle, is back with OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Mango is back to freshen up on her off leash obedience and manners. Her owners say she gets overly excited and jumps on guests, excessively barks when there is someone at the door or doorbell rings, and lacks holding her commands (staying). Check in to see her progress!


Pupdate 6/15/2022

Today Mango and I went down to Huntington Beach to work on her commands. She did very well. She needed a little touch up on heel, she likes to walk a little ahead of me. We also worked on a new command: Come to Heel (not sure if Mango was previously taught this). It’s a little tricky, but Mango caught on quickly. She had a great first day of training!


Pupdate 6/16/2022

Today Mango joined me on a shopping spree at The Citadel Outlet. We practiced her commands around plenty of people distractions. She is getting better with the Come to Heel command. Mango received a few compliments how how well behaved she is.


Pupdate 6/17/2022

Today Mango and I went to the park to work on her commands. We practiced semi-off leash. I let her drag the leash around while we worked. Mango is doing an awesome job!


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