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Luna | Labrador | Burbank, CA |In-Training

Meet Luna, a 1.5 year old labrador from Burbank CA! She is joining us for our Two Week Board and Train Program. While she is with us, Luna will be working on leash manners, basic obedience and learning how to overcome her fear of getting into cars! Luna is such a sweet and loving pup who can’t wait to get started on her training! Stay tuned!


Pupdate 12/19/21

Luna and I spent most of the day taking short walks around the neighborhood so that Luna could get acclimated to her new environment! We did add a short training session in the between walks to introduce the foundation for Heel, and Come. She did pretty good besides her love for pulling on the leash. Luna is such a sweet girl and really loves affection! Good first day!


Pupdate 12/20/21

Today Luna and I started the morning with a short walk to continue helping Luna get comfortable with her surroundings. Later on in the day we went to a quiet park and started teaching Place and Heel. She did very well but got tired very quickly. We did work on her car loading up, which was not as easy at first but managed at the end to get her to jump in and load up! Very good day Luna!!!


Pupdate 12/21/21

Today we went to the local park and worked on Heel, Place, Down, and Come! Luna has been showing good progress with commands. Her heel is coming along very nicely, just sometimes walks ahead but isn’t pulling as much. Luna has been less resistant while working on her down, which is really good to see on day two! We also worked on Luna’s car/ crate loading! Today she was more comfortable loading into the car and crate! With her comfort getting better, she sometimes doesn’t like getting back out. This will get better as time goes on! So far Luna is making good progress each day!


Pupdate 12/22/21

Today Luna and I went to an outdoor mall and worked on Heel, Place, Down, and Come! Overall she is doing pretty well with all of her commands. What I’ve noticed while working Luna in more public places, she will sometimes become overly excited at kids, scooters/strollers, and other dogs. When this happens, she will start lunging or pulling intensely but will calm down once that distraction is gone. This is something I will continue to work on to overcome. So far she has been well behaved in general and is learning her commands well! Good Girl Luna!


Pupdate 12/23/21

Today Luna and I went to Northridge Mall and worked on Heel, Place, Come, and Down. She did pretty good and stayed calm most of the training session. She sometimes will get excited and start pulling to whatever is exciting her, but will calm down much quicker today! We also worked on Place while at home as I cleaned my place a bit. So far she has been doing really good and is making progress!


Pupdate 12/24/21

Today we went to Office Depot and worked on Heel and Down while around another dog. This is super important for Luna due to her tendency to get overly excited. She did very well and stayed calm! We also worked on more car loading up which is getting better every day!


Pupdate 12/25/21

Today Luna and I went to Venice and worked on Heel, Place, Down, and Come! She did pretty well besides wanting to pull a little due to excitement. She does still get a bit overly interested in bikes but making baby steps. Luna’s down is getting very good and consistent! So far each day Luna is making great progress!


Pupdate 12/26/21

Today Luna and I went to an outdoor mall and worked primarily on her hyper focus while kids are moving quickly around her. Sometimes she gets overly excited and wants to get out of her command so she can go say hi. Most of the work session I put her in a down and had her stay, while random kids and people walked by. She did fairly well! Continuing this will be super important for Luna after her training! So far so good!


Pupdate 12/27/21

Today Luna and I went to Northridge Mall to primarily work on preparing her for offleash. She did pretty well besides a few times she veered off because she got too excited seeing people walk by. Once you tell her heel again, she gets back into the command. We also worked on place command. She is pretty consistent with that command and will stay for a long period of time! Tomorrow we will go to a tennis court and work intensity on Luna’s heel and come.


Pupdate 12/28/21

Today we went to a tennis court and worked primarily on Luna’s recall and heel while offleash. She was pretty good and did everything asked. Sometimes Luna gets stubborn and decides she doesn’t care and wants to lay down. When this happens I usually will make Luna do a basic command that she likes to do, such as place. Then I will break her before giving her a small break. Once she has that 15-30 minute break we will go right back into the harder command and usually she is in a better mood! Other than that Luna is being really good and behaving herself!


Pupdate 12/29/21

Today we went to Lowes to work on Luna’s reliability offleash! She was very good with all of her commands! Her heel has gotten better each day and is improving! Luna’s come is way more fluid with less hesitation! With down, she sometimes gets up when something rolls by her such as a cart or scooter. However she will immediately get back down if reminded! Other than that she has been doing great and making tons of progress!


Pupdate 12/30/21

Today Luna and I went to REI and worked solely on offleash heel, down, place, and come! She did very well and was happy to be out of the rain! Later on we went to Northridge Mall as well to work around higher distractions and noises! When we worked on her down, she wasn’t super comfortable with people walking behind her but again if I told her “down” she would go back into the command. This might be either because she is too excited or just a bit unsure of people getting to close behind. Other than that, Luna is being a very good pup and was glad to work inside!


Pupdate 12/31/21

Today we went to The Grove and worked on Luna’s final video! Overall she did very well just around large crowds and stayed in her Heel commands! Luna’s Down has gotten a lot more consistent and reliable! Luna does sometimes get distracted when you tell her to Come after she has been laying down for an extended period of time but I noticed if you are more energetic with your voice she responds faster! So far very proud of Luna’s progress and we will keep fine tuning the rest tomorrow!


Pupdate 1/1/22

Today Luna and I went to Glendale Galleria and finalized her video! She did very well and performed all her commands while it was super crowded! What I have noticed with Luna is that she gets more stubborn the more tired she is! So that is something to keep in mind if you go on hikes or outings. Other than that Luna has been such a great gal and very fun to work with!

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