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Lucky | Border Collie | Costa Mesa, CA

This is Lucky a 1 year old Border Collie from Costa Mesa, CA. He is here to do a Two Week Board and Train program because he is a major leash puller, chewer of things that aren't his, has very little obedience, a ton of energy, and very little focus for anything that is not his ball. He is a very smart, sweet, and happy boy who I am so excited to watch grow over the next 7 days!!


Pupdate 05/17/2020

Lucky did his first lesson today! He is already starting to grasp his recall and understand the E-Collar. He is even getting better about going into the kennel each time I bring him in, it's not his favorite spot just yet! Over all he is getting all settled in!


Pupdate 05/18/2020

Lucky had a few lesson's today, and some confidence training before dinner! He is a sharp sweet boy. He does have a lot of fear to over come, but is quick to pick things up! It took quite a bit of coaxing but he conquered the A-Frame and does it all by himself to get me to throw the ball now! He is still getting used to be kenneled, he was incredibly well behaved in it throughout last night and today, but from what I can tell he didn't get much sleep. We worked hard today though so I am sure he will knock out tonight!


Pupdate 05/17/2020

Lucky was working hard today! We started work on his Heel and he is coming along awesome. He did sleep a bit better last night, is getting much more used to the Kennel, and is eating well. I cant wait to see how far we can take him tomorrow!


Pupdate 05/20/2020

Lucky was still having some trouble sleeping last night, but we found some kennel solutions this afternoon and he is finally getting the ZzZz's he needs. We took it a bit easier today with just a couple short sessions working on his Sit, Down, and Place commands.


Pupdate 05/21/2020

Lucky finally got a great nights sleep and was back to his excited high energy ready to learn self today! We worked on filtering out neighborhood distractions while Heeling. The big guy wanted to stop and sniff every blade of grass and inch of fencing he could find, but he controlled his impulses and is coming along!


Pupdate 05/22/2020

Lucky is coming along to much better now that he is sleeping well! Today he met his two "foster" siblings Leo and Nico and the three of them got along famously. Lucky is a bit timid and his play style is a little erratic with a couple behaviors we will work on (mounting, licking inappropriately, etc) but overall he is a very sweet and playful pup! We worked on his Heel, Down, and Sit today. His heel is coming along nicely, he is Heeling almost too close now so we are working on getting him to walk in a way that doesn't get in the way of walking. We did some distance/duration work with his Sit and Down getting him to not only let me walk away after giving him one of the two commands but also doing them at a distance from me. Overall he is doing awesome!


Pupdate 05/23/2020

Lucky worked on a little of everything today! His recall is looking sharp ( he still sit's a little sloppy if he is too excited but we will clean that up), his Heel is still a little too close but he is getting it down (in particular he was doing awesome at filtering out distractions today), His Sit and Down he still has a little mixed up but he is doing them well and starting to get some impressive distance/duration. All in all he made quite a bit of progress today!


Mr. Lucky's always laughing at my jokes! We worked one a few things today. We worked a little on fixing his position on his recall to look like this above picture (not out away from me at an angle, too far back, leaning on me, paw on top of my foot). We also did whats called a back tie, which is when I use two leashes one tied to something and one in my hand and the leverage is use to teach clarity between Sit and Down. He is a smart boy!


Pupdate 05/25/2020

Lucky is coming along! We did several sessions on his Heel and Door manners today. We did some work around the neighborhood and while we couldn't catch them on the camera he manages to walk past two pups that were really trying to get him to play with very little direction! Then on the way home he had just about the most torturous distraction imaginable, the cameraman had his ball on a rope toy swinging all around playfully just in front of us and lucky had to use all of his impulse control to stay in his Heel right next to me. He struggled for a little bit but eventually was rocking it! We did do some extra throws after the lesson to reward him.


Pupdate 05/26/2020

Lucky is doing awesome! We worked on sending to place, getting some distance for his Sit's and Downs, and longer recalls. He is coming along just fantastic. He Is sleeping and eating well and even going in his kennel with out direction. Super excited to see how far I can get this kid in the next couple days!


Pupdate 05/27/2020

Lucky worked at a small shopping center with me up the road today and did just fantastic. He makes a few little mistakes here and there that we are working on cleaning up but overall he has become such a pleasure to work with! He wanted to say hi to all the people, kids, and dogs around but only needed to be told a quick Off to snap his attention right back into working mode anytime he started to get distracted. I bet he can't wait to get to show of his new skills when he gets home!


Pupdate 05/28/2020

What do you mean I don't get to play with all of these toys! Lucky went with me on an errand to the pet store today. He did stellar, even had a big friendly Pittbull trying to get him to break his obedience to play and Lucky stood his ground! He is so much fun to work these days!


Pupdate 05/29/2020

Lucky polishing up a few things before his final video shoot! He is such a sharp boy! He has come such a long way the past two weeks, we are going to miss his happy energy!


Pupdate 05/30/2020

These three boys had there last play session and they are going to miss each other tons! Lucky is all packed up and ready to go home in the morning!


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