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Louis | French Bulldog | Calimesa, CA | In-training

Meet Louie! He is an eleven month old French Bulldog who has joined us for our Two Week Board and Train Program! Louie does not obey commands and is here for basic obedience. He enjoys playing with other dogs and does well around children. Over the next fourteen days, Louie will work on his behavior to match his fun and loving personality, with hopes of becoming a well mannered pup! Check in to see his progress!


Louis and I spent the day getting to know each other. We settled in at home and I had him roam around the house to have him adjust to his new surroundings. Shortly after, I took Louis for a walk around my neighborhood and introduced him to Heel. Heel is having Louis walk with me while staying on my left side. We worked on it with leash tension and by doing the opposite of what Louis was doing. For instance, when Louis would pull away from me, I turned around, walked in the opposite direction, and gave him leash tension to guide him back towards me. It is a work in progress, but Louis is catching on and we will implement Heel on every walk we go on!


Louis was introduced to his recall today which is known as Come to Sit. It consists of having Louis coming towards my right side, going around behind me, and ending with a Sit on my left. We began working on it with leash tension to have him come towards me, and using his kibble to have Louis come around me to my left since he would stop behind me. It took a few attempts but Louis started understanding what was being asked, and is now doing it without his kibble!


Louis and I took a drive to a local park where he was introduced to Place. Place is having Louis getting onto an elevated object. This technique builds confidence in a dog and can serve great purpose when guests are over. Louis learned to Place with guidance and a little boost. Leading him onto a park bench, I guided Louis with a little leash tension just enough to have his front legs touch it. To fully get him onto the bench, I gave his back legs a boost and rewarded him with lots of praise. By using the same approach a few times, Louis began to Place without my assistance!


Louis was introduced to Down today. This is a difficult technique to teach since it can make a dog feel vulnerable being down on all four. To teach Louis, I asked him to Sit as I began to use leash tension to help him move towards the ground. Once his front end would be on the floor, his back end would be up. To keep Louis from sitting up, I placed my hand on his back, and as I began to guide him towards the ground again, I kept my hand on his back and gently pressed it down. It takes time and patience so we took breaks in between to avoid frustration. Little by little, Louis started catching on and completed his task!


Louis and I focused on Extended Place today. We practiced on different objects and I also began to increase distance from him. We worked in five second increments for every foot I step back. For instance, one foot back is five seconds, two feet back is 10 seconds, three feet is fifteen seconds, and so on. Every time Louis held his Place successfully, I would ask him to Break, which is his release word, and give him lots of praise. Louis did very well and was able to Place for thirty seconds. With more practice and consistency, Louis will reach our goal which is set at two minutes!


Louis worked on his Extended Down with distance and distraction today. We began with Place and an Extended Sit which he is doing really well with. This was the first time I asked Louis for a Come to Sit from his Place position without his leash in my hands and it was a great one! I had Louis get back onto Place and I asked him to Down while I increase my distance and move around. I used a tennis ball that he likes as a distraction by tossing it around him a few times. Louis was great and remained in a Down until I asked him to Break!


Louis and I took a drive to the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance. He has learned all of his commands and today we began working on his off leash conditioning by taking a walk throughout the mall. Louis also worked on his Extended Down off leash and he did a great job! Moving forward, Louis will now be working completely off leash as he continues to excel in his training!


Louis and I have been working on his Door Manners. As soon as I would open any door, Louis would want to be the first one to go through. To condition Louis into not doing that, I ask him to Sit before I open the door. If he gets up, I close the door and try again. Every day that Louis has been practicing, I increase his time to have him Sit longer. He has reached his two minute goal and continues making great progress!


Louis and I drove out to a local park today. During our walk, Louis had different distractions that he worked through such as other dogs, kids on bicycles, and a few people that were out for a jog. Louis did very well remaining at my side as those distractions passed us by! He also did well working on his Down while my kids served as a distraction as they played in the playground. After a good session, we took a break, had lunch in the picnic area, and gave Louis some playtime with my kids!


Louis began practicing for his Final today by piecing everything he has learned together. His Heel and Place needed a little clean up but as we continued to work on it at the park, Louis was able to get better and follow through. He is doing great and is just about ready to put on a great performance!


Today we took a drive out to Petsmart to restock on some supplies. Louis received compliments on his behavior by customers and employees! We worked on his Heel by using the aisles as barriers to keep him a little closer to me. While we were in line, we also practiced on his recall. When the line would move, I asked Louis to Sit as I moved forward, then ask for a Come to Sit so he can come towards me. At the register I had Louis in a Down as I paid for the things I needed. Louis almost sat up as a customer was coming in with her pup, but he went back into his position as soon as I asked him to Down again!


Louis has been working on his Food Manners throughout the time he has been in training. His first day here, as soon as I placed his bowl down, Louis was already coming towards it to eat. Since then, he has learned to wait in a Sit or a Down until I let him know it is ok to eat. Louis has reached an expected goal of two minutes, but Louis can increase that time with patience and consistency!


Louis and I went out and did a little shopping at the Citadel Outlets today. With his training coming to a conclusion, Louis continues to thrive wherever he goes. Walking throughout the shopping center, a few people wanted to say hello so we worked on his Greeting Manners. Louis did a great job as he has learned to remain in a Sit while being greeted, and continues being praised for being such a good boy!


Louis has completed his Two Week Board and Train Program and is ready to go home! He has learned so much and I am really looking forward to showing you what he can do! I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with Louis and for trusting me with him. I really enjoyed his companionship and he will be missed!


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