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Lola | Siberian Husky | North Hollywood, Ca | In-Training

Lola the Siberian Husky is joining our two week board and train program. Although she is a cuddle bug and playful, she tends to jump on people and dogs out of excitement without knowing she’s hurting them. Stay turned for a PAWsome transformation!

First picture of training!

Initially weigh in for Lola


PUPDATE 8/3/2020

Lola's daily weigh in

Lola's daily sheet. Tomorrow will try adding treats to food to entice food consumption. Her bowel movement this morning was solid. No accidents in the house today. Lola likes to see if she can catch the airplanes in the sky as they fly by!


PUPDATE 8/4/2020

Just started learning "Place" command today and Lola was a natural! She has come a long way already and it has just been 2 days! Way to go Lola!

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 8/5/2020

Lola enjoying the park! She does very well with Duration Sit even when she is distracted. Could not be happier with the progress!

Went to Lowe's today for some practice with the Place command. It was a very new experience for Lola but she did well doing commands with much more distractions. Lola loved all the people that walked by and they thought she was so beautiful! But who could blame them?

Due to Lola not eating as many cups as she does at home, I got some supplies to help. The coconut oil is for her paw pads and I am using 3/8 cup chicken broth with sprinkles of the treats you provided. With that combination, Lola had all 3 cups of her food!

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 8/6/2020

Lola practicing her new command "Down" and doing some Distance Down

Lola is doing better with crate training as she is more confident in "Place" command

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 08/07/2020

Place command on a park bench!

Look at that cute face!!

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 8/8/2020

Working on the Down command

Lola is all smiles!

Belly rub break from a new friend!

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 8/9/2020

I wanted to note Lola's waistline due to her picky eating. Lola's BCS (Body Condition Score) looks good to me.


PUPDATE 8/10/2020

Some relaxing time


PUPDATE 8/11/2020

Lola enjoying a Down command while staff eats some lunch

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 8/12/2020

My dog and Lola hanging out!

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 8/13/2020

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 8/14/2020

Lola doing great duration and distance down.

Lola's daily weigh in


PUPDATE 8/15/2020

Before and after a DIY pet wash at pet food express

Waiting patiently for dinner tonight

Lola's daily weigh in


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