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Leo | Lagotto Romagnolo | Santa Monica, CA | In Training

Meet Leo! He's an eight month old Lagotto Romagnolo from Santa Monica, California here for our Two-Week Board and Train program! He's very friendly and playful, however he loves to jump on people, jump on counters, and he tries to steal clothing and washcloths to chew up. He also pees when he's excited and he has trouble following basic commands. Over the next fourteen days, we'll show Leo how to properly greet people, refrain from stealing and chewing things, work on his basic obedience skills, and teach him how to be the best pup he can possibly be! Stay tuned for Leo's two week transformation!


Pupdate: 12/19/2022

Shortly after picking up Leo, we went to Almansor Park to begin training! In the above video you can see me going through some commands with Leo to see what he knows. He is already very reliable with the Sit command! We started working on his Heel command as well. For Heel, I want Leo to walk politely at my left side with his ears at my knee. Leo still needs a lot of practice with this one, as he loves to pull on his leash, but he's already making great progress! After the park, we went home where I let Leo sniff around my house and get used to being there with me. He's very friendly, and I think he's starting to like me!


Pupdate: 12/20/2022

Leo and I went to Pan Pacific Park today for training! He had a blast working and playing. We continued working on his Heel command, as well as his Come To Sit command. For Come To Sit, I want Leo to come to my right side, walk around my legs and sit at my left side with his ears at my knee. This can be a tricky one for some dogs, but Leo is picking it up very quickly. He still sometimes likes to sit a little crooked instead of parallel with my feet, but I'm still very proud of him for getting the motion down so quickly!


Pupdate: 12/21/2022

Leo and I went to Home Depot last night for some extra training! He did very well there, so today we increased the amount of distractions by going to Citadel Outlets. It was very busy, but Leo still did a great job! We worked on his Heel, Come To Sit, and Down commands. He's able to reliably perform these commands with no leash pressure, so today I dropped his leash. His leash will most likely remain on for a few more days, but allowing the leash to drag gives me some idea of how Leo might behave off leash while still having access to it if I need it! Outstanding job, Leo!


Pupdate: 12/22/2022

Leo and I went back to Citadel Outlets today for training! He did really well with everything. He was extremely responsive and attentive with all of his commands. We worked on his Place command as well today. For Place, I want Leo to hop onto a raised object, such as a bench, and remain there until released. Leo had very little difficulty performing this command, and I think he'll get good at it very soon!


Pupdate: 12/23/2022

Leo and I went to the Santa Monica Promenade today for training! He found this area a bit more distracting than some other places, but he still did a wonderful job! In the above video, Leo performs a very nice Heel, as well as his Come To Sit, and Down commands. He also does the Center command. Center is not a command I usually practice dogs here for two weeks, but Leo has been doing such an amazing job with everything else, I decided to try it with him!


Pupdate: 12/24/2022

Leo was fully off leash today at Pan Pacific Park! Based on how he was behaving with his leash dragging, I decided he was ready to go off leash. He did not disappoint! He was just as responsive as he is with his leash on! Great job Leo! I've also added some pictures of Leo from Santa Monica yesterday!


Pupdate: 12/25/2022

Leo and I wish you happy holidays! We worked and played at Almansor Park today! Leo mostly had an easy day, but that doesn't mean we didn't get a lot of work done! He did a great job at the park! The park was very busy with parties, but Leo mostly stayed focused, even while off leash!


Pupdate: 12/26/2022

Leo was off leash at El Camino Real Park today! He did a really good job, as I've come to expect from him. We practiced his off leash commands around a few other dogs. He was mostly successful, although he seemed distracted by the other dogs from time to time. His attention would always return to me very quickly, though!


Pupdate: 12/27/2022

Leo had a great day at Almansor Park today! There were tons of geese around the park, but Leo seemed much more interested in the squirrels. We worked around the geese and squirrels as much as we could and Leo ended up doing a great job! Whenever he got distracted by a squirrel, I would use the Off command. Off is our basic "do not do" command, and Leo has been doing a good job learning it!


Pupdate: 12/28/2022

Leo and I went to Maple Park today for training! He did a great job all day! He did a really good job of ignoring distractions and staying on task today. After Maple Park, we went to a park near my house for some play time and extra exercise!


Pupdate: 12/29/2022

Leo and I went to Citadel Outlets today for training! He performed all of his commands excellently off leash. He had quite a few people want to come up to him and pet him, including some small children, and Leo did a great job of sitting still and not trying to jump on anyone!


Pupdate: 12/30/2022

Leo and I went to Citadel Outlets this morning for training! He did a really good job there, as usual. The rest of our day was spent at home working on his household manners! In the above video, I demonstrate Leo's door manners. For door manners, I want to be able to open and close the door without Leo trying to push past me or run out in front of me. He should be able to sit patiently until I'm ready for him to walk in or out! As you can see, Leo is getting pretty good with this!


Pupdate: 12/31/2022

Leo and I went to Montebello Mall today to avoid the rain! He did a wonderful job all day. He was around several other dogs and trainers, as well as all the patrons at the mall! Leo got several compliments on his coat and how soft it is! Leo is going home tomorrow and I'm going to miss him dearly! He's been a wonderful pup, and I've loved having him around!


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