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Laila | Wirehaired Pointing Griffon | Santa Monica, CA | In-Training

Meet Laila, she is a 1 year 6 month old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon from Santa Monica, CA who has just joined us for our 3 Week Board and Train Program. Laila is reactive towards anything that she is not familiar with. Especially to loud noises and anything with wheels. Her reactions escalate while at home to protect the house but at the same time will hide behind her owners. Laila does not have an understanding of household boundaries or boundaries with dogs and humans. During her stay with us Laila will learn basic obedience, proper boundaries with humans and canines, as well as familiarizing herself with new environments.


Pupdate 09/03/2022

Laila spent a portion becoming familiar with her surroundings and her new house mates. Laila was allowed to roam freely through the back yard with Oso, the concierge of Offleash SoCal. We checked what Laila knows before training, got her weight, 55lbs, and fed her dinner. Overall a rather light day considering the heat and new environment that Laila is in. Laila didn't eat any significant portion of her dinner.


Pupate 09/04/2022

Laila has settled into the routine around my home. She has made friends with Oso and Senga (Goldendoodle here for training too). The three romped around the yard until they were all exhausted and came back in.

I hope the videos are self explanatory. If not please let me know what I can do to make them better.

Laila didn't eat breakfast today, and has dinner currently, but not terribly interested. This is rather common, and I will continue to monitor the situation. If need be I will add things to the kibble to get her to eat- I'll keep you updated, of course.


Pupdate 09/05/2022

Laila was up early this morning working on come and sit along with heel. She does very well with both, now that we have corrected the error that I had been making. As I mentioned in the email, Laila didn't eat dinner yesterday or breakfast this morning, so I grabbed some Greek yogurt and, viola!, she ate. This will now be part of the routine. ***Laila has finished her evening meal!***


Pupdate 09/06/2022

Today was a good day of training. Laila has started to get better with Come and Sit now that I have he in the correct side. After early morning work, we ate breakfast, Laila only ate half. We then went on a walk through my neighborhood. Laila does well when she is "in the lead". She wants to pull to catch up to the dogs in front of her, but once she is in front, there are few issues. Over all a good day of work for Laila.


Pupdate 09/07/2022

Laila and Senga both went on a morning walk to practice their Heel command (double heel). Laila does well, keeps about a shoebox's distance from me when walking. Laila is curious of the other dogs in the neighborhood, but not enough to cause an issue. She is about 50/50 on auto sitting at corners, but over all not bad.

After breakfast, that she didn't eat again, we had a period of rest then met up with several other Offleash trainers. In the video Laila is asked to be in Heel, while avoiding the temptation to engage with the other dogs. Laila did well, not stopping to play.

In the picture you can see Laila has something in her mouth. I discovered that Laila now eats avocados (likely taught by Oso). Her lack of kibble consumption may be attributable to the consumption of the fruit.


Pupdate 09/08/2022

During the video, we still are having issues with finding the correct side. I don't anticipate this being a problem forever, we are working it out.

On the plus side the pulling is down dramatically from before. We did encounter three Chihuahuas this morning- Laila reacted, but the E-Collar worked and the outburst was manageable.

Food is being consumed more normally now as well.


Pupdate 09/09/2022

In addition we continue to work on the heel and turns as it still is challenging to Laila. She keeps coming back to the left side after walking on the right- it is becoming a bit frustrating at this point. Fortunately, she does plenty right so, overall, we continue to move along with two more weeks to go.


Pupdate 09/10/2022

Today Laila and I met with one of our brand new trainers- Jeanette. Jeanette has a corporate background but has always had a dream to work/train dogs. I wanted to show you progress with Laila with "Come" and "Sit".

If you recall, Laila wasn't able to successfully come to the correct side, walk behind, then sit on the right side. Well, with some work Jeanette has Laila working just right.

Additionally, Jeanette practiced the "Heel" command with Laila for more than two miles while we were together. Jeanette used the same techniques that you'll use and had her heeling in no time flat. Things are looking up for Laila!


Pupdate 09/11/2022

Laila this morning went to a turn-over for another dog that completed our one week training program. Laila got to work with Jeanette again; covering heel, down, place, sit all with dog and human distractions. This evening we were able to get this heel video! No leash, two dogs, low distraction (this will improve). Laila did awesome.


Pupdate 09/12/2022

Today we went on the four mile walk to Starbucks, but this time we stopped along the way and worked Down, Sit, and place as well as Heel (off leash for the four miles). This afternoon we were out at Home Depot. Laila does well with Place- jumping onto objects and sitting. The bench in the picture isn't solid, and frequently dogs will look between the slats and not want to get up. Laila had no issues today.


Pupdate 09/13/2022

Senga and Laila both came down to Long Beach for some training by the water. The first picture was a Place command for both. The final picture was taken from about 50 feet away while they both were in the Place command.

Both pups were off leash Heeling for the better part of 90 minutes while walking through the neighborhood. Both did very well!


Pupdate 09/14/2022

Today Laila was with five other trainers plus myself. She was passed around the group to demonstrate to her that no matter who has the leash, she needs to listen the same. Laila did very well with everyone after she understood that she cannot disobey because she choose to.

The rock formation is a kids climbing toy inside the park. Laila with slight coaching jumped up and demonstrated her Place command. She had a great time!


Pupdate 09/15/2022


Pupdate 09/16/2022

After making BIG progress yesterday during training, I thought today we could have Friday Fun Day!! After the morning walk with a 4X4 heel, all the dogs were able to relax and play. They definitely played hard, so rest they will tonight.


Pupdate 09/17/2022

Went to the Block of Orange (Shops of Orange) to test Laila's skills. You can see she demonstrates Come, Sit, Down, Place, Heel, and Come to Heel. She did very well out in this location for the first time- with the exception of the toy.


Pupdate 09/18/2022

Laila and I continue to work the basics so that when we do go out in public, like tomorrow in Century City, she will look better than the last time. Practice, practice, practice...If you can't tell she doesn't really enjoy the practice as much as going out to new places.


Pupdate 09/19/2022

Today we were out at the Century City Plaza which is a dog friendly outdoor mall. Laila overall did well with today's outing. She is very excited to go, on alert during the trip, and happy to head back when we are done, lol.

We have had a couple incidents that unless I was present for would not have believed. Today she "reacted" to the presence of a Pomeranian that walked by. The Pom came about seven to ten feet away while Laila was in the "Under" command beneath my feet. Her reaction sounded incredibly aggressive, leaping to her feet, and lunging towards the Pom.

In Laila's defense, I wasn't restraining her by leash and the remote for the E-Collar was on the table away from my hand. She could have gotten to the Pom if she really put forth an effort, so my belief is that the Pom startled/surprised her and she reacted.

With that said I, when the Pom happened by a second time I was more prepared with the leash and E-Collar ready. With a very acceptable level, I told Laila "Off" a couple of times and the Pom passed without incident.

For illustration, Laila responds VERY well to the E-Collar. She has learned how it works, how to shut it off, and what will cause it to turn on. I believe that in the future, if you are aware of the surroundings, Laila will be relatively easy to manage (just don't be caught off guard like I was).


Pupdate 09/20/2022

As is always the case, when we increase the difficulty, or introduce a new command, we go back to being on the leash. Laila today was handled by Sheena, which is new for the both. Sheena needs to build trust, understand the signals that Laila is giving, before taking the leash off. So, if this seems like a step backwards, it is only part of the process that you too will go through.


Pupdate 09/21/2022

This morning we met up with some of the other trainers to get more work in. I specifically had Laila work with three trainers that she had never met. Once Laila figured out that they knew the commands and had a remote the obedience improved dramatically. Laila has become very attached to me and it is mimicking what I saw with you and her. We need to come up with a strategy to combat the clinginess that Laila exhibits.

If you couldn't tell by the pictures, Laila got a bath this afternoon. The bows in the hair was a surprise and they will last until they don't. Final video shoot tomorrow, wish Laila good luck.



Just a bit of off leash work today in Century City. Laila did very well, super responsive to the E-Collar and leaving other dogs alone. She is definitely one that you'll need to keep your eye on, but she has gotten so much better.



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