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Koko | Native American Indian Dog | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

This is Koko, a 7 month old Native American Indian Dog from Los Angeles, CA here for our Two Week Board and Train program. She is here mainly for jumping on the counters and people. Koko is a little shy at first but once you get to know her, she is very sweet. Keep checking her progress for her transformation!


PUPDATE 1/16/2022

Koko is a very curious pup so she spent a long time smelling everything!

Today was just having Koko get used to everything new. We spent a lot of time walking around having her feel comfortable in my house and the surrounding area. She was a little hesitant to get out of the car crate but I let her take her time. I noticed Koko gets distracted easily and is on the look out around her constantly. Koko was whining a little in the crate but after a couple minutes, she settles down. She ate all her food and had some water which is a great sign! Can't wait to start training tomorrow!


PUPDATE 1/17/2022

Today was the first day that Koko had the e collar on. Overall, I think she is getting the hang of it. She is very distracted and she stops listening to what I am asking her to do. Koko was very stubborn with Sit today so I used gentle leash pressure and my fingers to help guide her bottom down. I think she is trying to see when I am going to let her win and I give up. Koko was timid about meeting my friend today so we will be working on that too. Koko seems like she has a very sensitive personality so keeping the training positive and not getting frustrated will be important. She ate all her food. She had diarrhea today so I will keep you posted on that.


PUPDATE 1/18/2022

I took Koko on a long walk today and worked on all her commands to get a better idea of what we need to work on throughout her training time here. She is getting much better with sitting on command but sometimes will not do it without the use of the e collar. Koko did well with going on different place objects. She was hesitant at first to going into a down command but after a couple reps she was doing better. Her duration down command was really good today! She is still having diarrhea but eating all her food and acting normally.


PUPDATE 1/19/2022

I mainly worked on Place with Koko today and overall she did very well. She is getting the hang of it each training session we have so that is great news. As I mentioned in the video, she does not understand Break yet so we are working on that still. Keeping things positive as much as possible still is the best way for her to want to listen. Also, I think it helps her when we have short breaks when I pet her and play around with her. Koko stays on Place very well and mostly goes straight into a Sit command each time. She is still having diarrhea so I will keep giving rice and pumpkin until it is better. Other than her diarrhea, she seems very happy here and she is learning a lot!


PUPDATE 1/20/2022

Koko had a very productive day today. I took her to another park with a tennis court to practice recall. I wanted to see how she would do in an enclosed area and I even had her try training off leash. I really wanted to focus on recall since sometimes that is difficult for some pups. After a couple reps, she was doing better. She has a tendency to try to go in between my legs instead of coming straight to the left side (remember she goes from the left side to the right side and she sits). Allowing her to make mistakes and me guiding her seems to be doing well. I want her to figure it out instead of me putting her in that position all the time. She needs to work on the down command a little more as she was still a little resistant to it. Later, I let her play with the other training dog and my dog and she had a great time. Her diarrhea is improving.


PUPDATE 1/21/2022

Koko had a good day today at the Cheviot Hills park. She mainly worked on Heel today with all the new distractions around. Again, after a couple reps, she was doing well. I have noticed it takes her a little bit to understand what is going on. She still gets distracted a little bit so we will be working on that. She did better with Come to Sit today. As I mention in the video during her down command, putting her back in the same place when she gets out of the command is important. Her stool is improving so tomorrow I will incorporate her wet food slowly.


PUPDATE 1/22/2022

I took Koko to the Century City mall to work on training with bigger distractions than a park. Overall, she did well. There were moments that were not so great though. For example, I noticed when I moved closer to her when she was in Place or Down command, she would think she could move. We will be working on me walking past her as she is in command. She has improved on not getting distracted when people walk by her. There are times she was doing well with heeling but when I tried to drop the leash, she would stray away from my leg. Everyone at the mall was obsessed with her and saying how cute and sweet she was. Great work today!


PUPDATE 1/23/2022

I took Koko to another outdoor mall to expose her to different distractions. I worked more on off leash heeling and I noticed she does not check in with me as we walk. Checking in is important because it shows that pup is paying attention. She did good with all the place objects I put her on and there is no fight going into a down command anymore. While we were practicing off leash heeling, she would walk a little too far ahead and when I told her "Heel", she sometimes would realize what I was asking her to do. Other times she would walk farther away from my leg and more ahead of me which makes me worry about her safety. When she did heel well, it was awesome and she kept next to me. She had some difficulty with come to sit so we are going to keep working on that. She does well with come to sit when I hold the leash but when I drop the leash, she seems unsure what to do.


PUPDATE 1/24/2022

Koko practiced more off leash training at a local outdoor mall. When we first got there, she would feel when I dropped the leash and she would walk ahead of me slowly. She got the hang of it after a couple reps of walking around and getting familiar. After that, she was heeling fantastic. It was difficult for her to keep a Place or Down today. I think it is because she gets bored doing the same thing over again. She will be working on her extended commands and to be more engaged.


PUPDATE 1/25/2022

Koko had a better day at the Simi Valley mall. We worked on off leash commands and overall it went well. Her come to sit and heel was much better today so that is great news. The only thing she struggled with today is staying in sit or down for longer than 40 seconds. Sometimes she gets out of the command when I move either toward her or away from her. The other times it is when she gets bored. I felt more confident in her ability to be off leash today. Great work Koko!


PUPDATE 1/26/2022

I trained Koko at my house today to work on door manners, food manners, and crate manners. I wanted to make sure she understood that the rules still apply inside the house and not just outside. Like usual, it took her a couple reps to understand what I was asking her to do which is fine. If she continues to do this after the program, it is very important for you to make her figure out whatever you are asking her to do. Koko did better with staying in command today so that was great to see.


PUPDATE 1/27/2022

Koko had a good day today. I walked her off leash the majority of the time in the town center. Koko was interested in the ducks but still listened to me when I asked her to do something which is great. She was heeling very well with me but sometimes I had to give her some reminders to walk slower. Koko still had some trouble with staying in command as I would walk away. Her recall and come to sit were great today.


PUPDATE 1/28/2022

Practicing distraction work with the music in the background.

I took Koko to Santa Monica to work on more distractions and she did very well. I am very proud of how far she has come. She still is scared of some noises like skateboards, loud music, and carts rolling by close to her. Her duration work improved today so that was great to see. Everyone at the promenade was saying how cute and well behaved she was. Great work Koko!


PUPDATE 1/29/2022

Koko had a very productive day today. I filmed her final video and she was a rockstar. She was heeling really well the entire day. There were many distractions around and she was doing great. A little dog was trying to lunge near her and she was just sitting on place not caring at all. Enjoy her sneak peek of her final video! I’ll see you tomorrow!


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