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Koda | Dogo Argentino | Mission Viejo, CA | In Training

Introducing Koda to our two week board and train program. He is joining us to learn all of the fundamental commands he needs to improve his obedience and give his family some more control over him. Keep checking back the next two weeks to follow along with his progress!


Pupdate 03/22/21

Out at a school today teaching Koda the Heel command. Showing him to match me speed and pace changes as I constantly keep up the U-Turns with him. He likes to lag behind if he's not in the mood to keep walking so light use of the E-Collar gets his attention back to learning.


Pupdate 03/23/21

Working commands at a park today. Koda is a nervous guy around new people and things but we worked on the down command and he did well.


Pupdate 03/24/21

Working the place command today. This one is very important because it is a confidence builder which Koda really needs. He still hasn't came out of his shell yet but he's getting better. Had an accident in his crate last night.


Pupdate 03/25/21

Trip to the park with this grumpy guy today. He had another accident in his crate over night so he woke up and had to take a bath which wasn't his favorite. He's experiencing some diarrhea which is common under the new routine and stress if training. Once we got started training we began working on his commands. He can be particularly stubborn when he's in a bad mood. I sometimes need to ask him to sit many times before he gives in but we have to be more stubborn than him!


Pupdate 03/26/21

Working loose leash heel! Koda is doing well at walking on the leash without pulling. He requires light corrections with the collar to keep him focused when walking by distractions.


Pupdate 03/27/21

Koda practiced the place command a lot today. He needs all the confidence building he can get so it's important for him. He had another accident in his crate over night. We have been routinely starting off each day with a bath because he is having trouble holding his pee passed 5am.


Pupdate 03/28/21

Out at Lowe's today. It was pretty busy in there and he got kind of nervous around the commotion. We worked on heeling passed distractions and the place command. He was VERY nervous about placing on the moving blue cart but once he got on he started to realize it wasn't so bad.


Pupdate 03/29/21

Working the heel command next to another pup. Koda is getting used to working his commands around other dogs so he knows it's not always play time when other dogs are around. He will be ready to heel by Jasmine.


Pupdate 03/30/21

Koda did some off leash heeling today on a track! Got a little nervous about a bike rider zooming by but otherwise handled it very well.


Pupdate 03/31/21

Today we made bath time fun! I filled up the doggy pool and Koda played in it with Kylo! He had fun and got clean. Keeping this guy's coat clean has been difficult but he's looking good now! We worked his commands after and took a long walk in the warm sun to dry off, practicing heel the whole way.


Pupdate 04/01/21

Happy boy playing with the other dogs today for a bit. He comes out of his shell quickly once play starts. Use of the collar is necessary to keep his attention.


Pupdate 04/02/21

Out at Victoria gardens today filming some off leash videos and walking around the big crowds. Koda gets nervous around baby strollers still so we navigate accordingly.


Pupdate 04/03/21

Today we went to the Shops to do a bit of off leash practice and film some final video on his last day here with me! Koda has made good progress at completing commands off leash even when he's not in the mood.


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