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German Shepherd Mix -Dog Training | Knight | La Verne, CA

Knight, a German Shepherd Mix from La Verne, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Board & Train dog training program. Knight was trained by dog trainer Amanda Lascari in La Habra Heights, CA.

Knight, an 8 month old German Shepherd Mix, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Knight is a sweet and energetic boy. Some of the issues his owner is having with him is: jumping up on things & people, digging in the backyard, lack of following commands and being easily distracted. Over the next 2 weeks Knight will be working on his off leash obedience and manner. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 12/28/2020

Unfortunately we had to do training indoors today because of the rain. I introduced and conditioned Knight to the ecollar. we practiced commands sit and place. Place command - command where Knight has to sit or lay on an object. This command is great for confidence building as well as teaching Knight to be calm and relaxed. Knight did great for his first day of training. He is having a lot of fun with his new doggie friends, especially his best friend Bailey!


Pupdate 12/29/2020

today we got to enjoy training outsid. Knight practiced commands come, sit, and place. Knight got bored of training and decided to be silly and flop onto his back when I would ask him to sit.


Pupdate 12/30/2020


Pupdate 12/31/2020

Knight learned a new command today, Down. Not his favorite command to do, but we will keep practicing.


Pupdate 1/1/2021

Knight working on his loose leash heel. Still a work in progress, but is hardly pulling now. He did much better with the down command today. Now to get him to stay put instead of getting up right away.


Pupdate 1/2/2021


Pupdate 1/3/2021


Pupdate 1/4/2021

Knight working on his off leash commands. Today I let him drag the leash as we trained. He’s doing great, but still gets distracted. He’s almost there to having the leash taken off.


Pupdate 1/5/2021

Today knight and I went to the park to work on his off leash commands. He did better today, paying more attention to me rather than everything around us. There was even a dog barking at us, which knight looked but kept listening to my commands.



Pupdate 1/7/2021


Pupdate 1/8/2021

Today Knight joined me on a little shopping spree at the Block at Orange. He did a great job! Everyone loved him and couldn't believe how well behaved he was.


Pupdate 1/9/2021

Today Knight and I did some training at home. He got a bath and ran around with his friend, Bones. Knight can’t wait to go home and show you all he has learned!

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