• OffLeash SoCal

Kinley | Australian Shepherd | Los Angeles, CA

Kinley, the Australian Shepherd from Los Angeles, CA went through the OffLeash SoCal Two Week Board & Train Program. Kinley was trained by Trainer Aileen Medina in Los Angeles, CA.


New aboard, we have Kinely! This 10 month old sweet girl gets excited when she sees people which causes her to jump up and lick faces. We’re gonna work on all commands and definitely the “leave it” command while focusing on moving away from her current ways of being incredibly food driven. Her family hopes to take her on hikes without being worried about her running after animals or lizards and especially wants to enjoy hikes without her jumping into dangerous water as she has done in the past.

Pupdate 5/11/2020

Pupdate 5/12/2020

This pretty girl giving me her paw on our walk🌞

Pupdate 05/13/2020

Pupdate 5/14/2020

Kinley practicing touch

Pupdate 05/15/2020

pupdate 5/16/2020

fun little hike today and doing great on command!

Pupdate 05/17/2020

Pupdate 5/18/2020

Kinley working hard and doing amazing by staying on command and not chewing on the flower petals all around her 👏🏼

Pupdate 05/19/2020

Pupdate 5/20/2020

Heres kinley hanging out at the park on place

Pupdate 05/21/2020

Pupdate 5/22/2020

Kinley did amazing around the lake on command

Pupdate 05/23/2020