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Khloe | 7 months old | Golden Retriever | Alhambra, California | In Training

Update #5

A very deserved break after working with all sorts of distractions from big moving objects, kids, and noises. Everyones eyes were on her today. Making everyone proud!!


Update #4

Since today was a rainy day and her owners concerns or her pulling a lot on the leash, we took training inside Home Depo! My number one favorite place to work with a diversity of distractions! She did great today!!


Update #3

Some open space training on just “Heeling” without the pulling away from the leash. Coming from a place of hating to be on a leash and feeling any type of collar on her, to walking right next to me as happy as she can be! That’s great progress!


Update #2

Here she’s doing “Place” command on the cot. This command teaches placement where ever you tell her. It’s also a confidence builder when working on different objects to get her to “Place”. We’re working on dog distraction while holding a command since she’s such a playful pup. There’s a phrase I like to use that says; “There’s a time and place to play”! This is one of them. To be obedience as possible. Great job Khloe!


Update #1

Meet Khloe! You can see how happy she is to start her new training for the next 2 weeks! Lots of smiles and lots of motivation out of her. Her owners concern is that she loves to pull on the leash and bites on it when going for walks. She makes her owner work, instead of enjoying a nice stroll. She’s willing to learn our 7 commands for sure so stay tuned for the next 2 weeks to see her progress!


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