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Kasper | German Shepherd/Husky Mix | Fullerton, CA | In-Training

Meet Kasper! Kasper is a 2 year old German Shepherd/Husky Mix from Fullerton, CA. He is here for our 2 Week Board and Train program. Kasper is very friendly with dogs and humans, but he does have issues with jumping on people, reactivity towards small dogs, and leash manners. He has been through some training with his owner so he does know his obedience well at home or with food, but not outside where it matters the most. Over the next two week Kasper will go through training practices with his handler who is watching over him. Check back for Kasper's training over the next two weeks with Offleash.


Pupdate 9/15/22

Kasper spent the day getting to know his handler Cristian, they spent most of the morning at a park practicing obedience and leash manners just to pass time and get used to each other. Kasper did really well listening to his sit but most of his other commands he chooses to ignore at times. Kasper seems easily distracted with most of the environment and noises going around him. Cristian took Kasper with him to pick up his brother from school to test his obedience and actually did really well. Once they were back at Cristians house Kasper settled in most of the day sleeping or taking naps around the house. Kasper typically eats at night since that how he was raised, day time he will eat some of his food or none of it until it's night time. He will have most of his meals late at night for his boarding.


Pupdate 9/16/22

Kasper spent the morning going for a walk with Cristian's personal dog. After eating and resting for being up early in the morning, Cristian took Kasper to PetSmart for some obedience training. Most of the people shopping didn't bother with the two training inside the store. Kasper saw someone with a puppy and was determined to say hi and got up, but Kasper was redirected by his handler going back into a down position while they were training.


Pupdate 9/17/22

Kasper went for a walk in the morning at Hillcrest Park in Fullerton today. Kasper has been starting to heel better going on walks with Hunter, even at times the both of them will switch places but will still keep a pace with Cristian. They had some people pass by them with dogs and Kasper does take notice to people walking other dogs and walk towards them, but he was redirected by his handler practicing sit or heel around the people passing by with their dogs. Later that day Kasper also practiced his door manners with Cristian. Kasper ate a majority of his food the night before.


Pupdate 9/18/22

Today Kasper was Introduced to the E-Collar and began on conditioning his obedience. Kasper started practicing Heel with the collar and picked it up pretty quick without too much use of the remote for this command. In the beginning Kasper wanted to be distant but with the consistency of practicing this command, Kasper is able to understand the concept of staying to the side constantly even if it's moving to the left or right. Every time Cristian moved left or right he signaled Kasper with the Heel command to help navigate on what to really do. Overall experience today with this practice was good, now the goal is to keep this consistent in every location they go to. Kasper ate his food last night not leaving a single kibble left.


Pupdate 9/19/22

Kasper went to a local park in Fullerton today to do some obedience training and leash manners. While Kasper was practicing his obedience, they did have some owners walking around with small dogs which gets Kasper fixated the most out of every type of distraction. They were able to work through the threshold Kasper has with small dogs and he was able to watch them without moving or breaking his position when training. Kasper also went with Cristian to his brother's school to wait and be kept down until his brother was released. During the time waiting Kasper had 3 kids come up to him asking to say hi, with the permission of Kasper's handler the kids were able to greet Kasper asking what kind of breed he is and why is he so calm in a positive manner. Kasper ate the previous night only leaving a small amount of kibble in his bowl.


Pupdate 9/20/22

Kasper has been eating at night regularly now, today his focus on training was door manners. Since Kasper has been staying with his handler they have been practicing this everyday. This is the progress of Kasper and his door manners so far, before he typically would run out like most dogs do when not properly structured with obedience. By practicing with any door this helps decompress Kasper with any urges he feels trying to leave when he sees a door open. Kasper will now wait patiently and when asked to heel he will keep a pace with his handler rather than trying to lead.


Pupdate 9/21/22

Kasper went for a local training session at a Home Depot in La Habra, CA. Kasper did well walking around the store without any fear, noises or distractions besides the halloween robots they had set up by the cashiers. Kasper was able to perform sits and downs throughout any part of the store. As training went on people passed by seeing how well behaved Kasper was, commenting as what a calm dog and he's such a good boy. Kasper also practiced his leash dragging since he kept himself close to his handler the whole time, he did well for his first time!


Pupdate 9/22/22

Kasper focused on his car manners today with his handler. With this practice it's ideal to keep your pup in/out of the car on command. As well as showing them it's a safe spot to be in even if the dog's owner is on the other side of the car, not in direct sight. Kasper did well understanding when to go in but would lack the initiative to come out. After some repetitions Kasper was able to grasp the idea of Break. Which is Kasper's release/freedom command. Kasper ate his food the previous night.


Pupdate 9/23/22

Kasper took a trip to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA with his handler and the other trainers from offleash. Kasper had a good experience practicing his obedience throughout the shopping center, even practicing his leash dragging again. Kasper did see some small dogs today that did get him overly excited during training but he was easily redirected by his handler when Kasper didn't listen when he was supposed to. By the end of the visit Kasper was able to be neutral seeing small dogs.


Pupate 9/24/22

Kasper spent the day getting exercise and practicing his obedience training locally in the neighborhood of where his handler lives. Kasper practiced his recall and down command as today's focus and did well overall. He was rewarded with a lot of play time today with Hunter, during the time they are together they are both supervised in case the play escalates too much, Cristian will guide them to separate or stop playing then let them play again if they follow through. They have had a lot of fun since they first met and keep each other company as dogs should! Kasper ate again earlier in the day instead of at night.


Pupdate 9/25/22

Kasper took time today to focus on his Come to Sit, which is also known as recall. Most of the time for this practice Kasper can be a little stubborn on being consistent with this command, but is aware of the idea to place himself next to his handler. Kasper has performed this command a handful of times but with time he will perfect this command for his owner before he goes back. Cristian does include hand gestures when guiding Kasper to help better communicate between the two. Kasper didn't eat in the middle of the day today so Cristian left food in his crate overnight to eat.


Pupdate 9/26/22

Kasper went to a park in El Monte today for some obedience training. He is doing well being around the trainers dogs on leash, focusing on commands while they are working with their handlers as well. Kasper focused on off leash walking today and he did pretty good. Most of the walk around the park he stayed close to Cristian only to branch out if he needed to pee which Cristian allowed. Kasper didn't eat in the evening so Cristian left food in his crate overnight to eat.


Pupdate 9/27/22

Kasper focused on improving his place command, since he first practiced he used to get off everything he was placed on immediately when it came to practice. He can be somewhat slow getting on something but once he's up on a bench or anywhere asked to be placed he knows to follow through now. This morning his handler practiced being distant, going in all directions even across the street to see if Kasper would move, they even had some neighbors walking their dogs but across the street while they were practicing. Kasper kept his place for his handler and has been improving!


Pupdate 9/28/22

Kasper went to a local park in Fullerton today to practice his leash dragging and off leash walking. He did really well staying close by, even when he had to go potty he was able to listen to his recall and continue his walk. Cristian took his brother with him to the park but his brother wanted to help train Kasper since he's used to training their personal dog Hunter. Cristians brother only walked Kasper around the park on a leash while being supervised, but the overall experience went well.


Pupdate 9/29/22

Kasper stayed local today and worked on his obedience training for most of the day, part of that day Cristian taught Kasper a new bonus command which would be under. Kasper has done well everyday making the practices easy, so time for him to go beyond basic obedience. This command is useful for when going out to a restaurant or being seated at a table, Kasper has the knowledge to be placed under a chair or table when asked now. Kasper caught on quickly making this practice easy and fun for the time that went into this new practice.


Pupdate 9/30/22

Kasper went to the Citadel Outlets to practice OffLeash walking and off leash obedience. He did pretty well being able to do most of his commands except a place command on benches that aren't flat themselves so it made Kasper feel uncomfortable, but his handler found a flat surface to place him on where Kasper was able to feel more comfortable. Kasper walked throughout the whole Outlet without breaking his commands, even getting compliments of how good of a boy he is.


Pupdate 10/1/22

Kasper practiced his OffLeash walking with Cristian's little brother who is well educated on dog training since Cristian has his own personal dog. Nicolas practices dog training all the time, so he is aware of basic obedience and off leash obedience. In the morning they went for a walk together but Kasper was still on leash, later in the day they walked together off leash close to the house while being supervised. Nicolas even asked Kasper for a sit then a down before going back into the house, giving him some praise!



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