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Kairo | Australian Shepherd | Oxnard, CA | In-Training

This is Kairo, an 8 month old Australian Shepherd from Oxnard, CA here for our one week Board and Train program! Kairo is a sweet and funny pup who loves to run around with his human brother! Kairo is here because he pulls on the leash, runs out the front door, and barks at dogs/people. Over the next week, Kairo will learn basic and fundamental commands to help him be the best pup he can be! Stay tuned for his PAWsome transformation!


PUPDATE 6/18/2022

Kairo spent most of the day getting used to everything here at my house. We went on a walk around my neighborhood to get him more comfortable. He pulled a lot on the leash and he barked at most people and dogs we encountered. He loves using his nose to guide him on the walk! He is still unsure of me so I made sure to give him lots of pets to gain his trust! He did not eat much for dinner.


PUPDATE 6/19/2022

Today was the first day Kairo had the e collar on and I think he is responding to it very well overall. I started to use the long hair contact points because he is so fluffy! When he starts to go on his nose-safari's, I use the e collar and say "OFF". I worked on his Come to Sit command and he got the hang of it quite quickly! After he practiced the command, there were people walking by and he started to bark. To fix this, I had the e collar ready and when he barked I used the e collar and said "OFF". He ate most of this food today and he is peeing and pooping normally.


PUPDATE 6/20/2022

I took Kairo to a quiet local outdoor mall to practice some of his commands. Overall, he did well! He still pulls on the leash sometimes when I am not paying close attention to where he is in relation to my left leg. Using the e collar as soon as you see him walking too far ahead helps reset him. He was good with his Down command however it was difficult for him to stay in that command for longer than 10 seconds. We will be working on his duration training more. He is not eating too much but his energy is normal. He is peeing/pooping/drinking water normally.


PUPDATE 6/21/2022

I went to an outdoor mall in the valley to practice Kairo's commands in a more public setting. I wanted to see how he did with more distractions especially since you mentioned he barks at dogs and people. He did not bark the entire time we were training there so that is great news. As you can see in the video, he tried to walk on the right side when people walked by. I think he used his barking as a defense because he was unsure about them and when removed that behavior, his true feelings about people and dogs came out. He seemed timid when people would walk by so we will keep practicing in distracting environments. At first, he was unsure about going on the place object but later he was doing much better with some more guidance.


PUPDATE 6/22/2022

I took Kairo to an outdoor mall to work on all his commands. He did much better with his Heel command as we were walking through and he did not struggle as much today going on the different place objects. He had difficulty staying on the objects and staying in a Sit or Down command. He also would try to roll over on his back when I practiced his Down command with him.


PUPDATE 6/23/2022

I took Kairo to Janss mall to film his final video now that he knows all the commands well. Overall, I am very proud of him for how well he did today with each command. I was especially proud of his Heel command. He had troubles with his Down command first as he would try to roll over. When he did that, I used a wall so that he goes straight downward and it helped. After I did this technique however, he had a tendency to go in a Down command with Come to Sit. I used the walk again and it seemed to help. I praised him a lot when he did it correctly after I felt like he understood it. I was very proud of how well he did with all the distractions around him and he did not bark at them. Although he does bark at my neighbors when they pass by sometimes when he knows his e collar is off.


PUPDATE 6/24/2022

I worked on the last part of Kairo's final video and that included his crate manners, door manners, and food manners. He had no problems doing his crate and food manners. He likes jumping in the car now! His door manners took a little longer for him to understand just because it was sometimes difficult for him to stay in the duration command while I walked in and out of the house.


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