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Kai | 1.5 Year Old | Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog |Whitter, CA | In Training |

Kai is OffLeashSoCal’s newest member of the pack, and she’s ready to tackle a 2 week board and train. Kai’s brother went through our program, and their parents were so amazed with Bo’s results that they had to have Kai equally trained. She is quite sketchy when it comes to most people handling her, and she can get nippy. In all reality Kai is a sweetheart with unlimited potential, and I couldn’t be more excited to be her trainer. Check back in for her amazing transformation.


Pupdate 03/02/2020


PUPDATE 03/03/2020

Someone is starting to break out of her shell and show her personality. Kai is always so happy and excited whenever we interact, I love it!!! Her biggest difficulty will be having to focus her attention on her commands for more than 6 seconds. Today Kai was playing with Big Chief and Waffle and they are already pals. I’m excited to have Kai, and looking forward to how much we are going to have to work.


Pupdate 03/04/2020


PUPDATE 03/05/2020

Today Kai and I had our big helper, Ryder from paw patrol. While out training we went to the park and got to meet some new friends. Kai was learning how to place on the picnic bench, as well as sitting nicely while Ryder runs around her. I’d say that Kai got some great training in and is ready for a good night sleep.


Pupdate 03/06/2020


Pupdate 03/07/2020


PUPDATE 03/08/2020

Kai said her old life of being unruly, is water under the bridge. She is a young lady with manners now. I have been taking Kai and Kobe everywhere with me, to get them used to new people and new places.


PUPDATE 03/09/2020

Sometime you work hard, sometimes you play hard. We make sure we do both.


Pupdate 03/10/2020


Pupdate 03/11/2020


Pupdate 03/12/2020

Kai is living the best life she can with me. We are enjoying staying dry in Lowe’s.


Pupdate 03/13/2020

Kai is doing an amazing job, in the picture she does not have her e collar on. She is doing a great job holding her commands without it, but still needs it In high distraction areas.


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