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Bedlington Terrier - Dog Training | Jameson | Pacific Palisades, CA

Jameson, a 10 month old Bedlington Terrier, has joined Balanced Canine Training Socal for our 3 week board and train program. Jameson is a sweet and friendly little boy. He likes to jump up to greet people, and likes to pull his owners, on leash, when he sees dogs he wants to meet and play with. Over the 3 weeks Jameson will be working on his off leash obedience, greeting manners, focus and impulse control. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 6/15/2020

Jameson‘s first day of training. Today he was conditioned to the ecollar. We practiced the commands come and sit. It‘s a work in progress but he did very well for his first day!


Pupdate 6/16/2020

Today Jameson and I went to a local elementary school to practice his obedience commands.

Jameson practiced the come and sit commands, and also learned a new command, Place.


Pupdate 6/17/2020

Jameson working on the place command.


Pupdate 6/18/2020

Jameson learned 2 new commands today, heel and down. He wasn’t a bad walker to start, but helped him tighten up the walk and to stay right by my side. He did very well, caught on quickly. Down we still need more work on, not really his favorite command to do.

Morning meal: 1cup, ate all of meal

Night meal: 11/4cup, ate all of meal

Weight: 22.9lb


Pupdate 6/19/2020


Pupdate: 6/20/2020

Jameson went on a 3 mile run this morning. His training is coming along very well. He knows all the commands, but likes to be a little stubborn at times and doesn’t want to listen. Jameson is almost ready to be off leash, but we need to work on ignoring other dogs when he sees them.

weight: 23lb

morning meal: 11/4 cup ate most of meal

night meal: 11/4cup ate all of meal


Pupdate 6/21/2020


Pupdate 6/22/2020

Today Jameson and I met up with a friend and her Pit Bull, Blue, to work on commands with dog distractions. Jameson did really well. He was interested in meeting Blue but stayed in command. He is doing a great job with the heel command, I no longer have to hold the leash; stays right by my side. After practice, he got to play and hangout with his new friend. We are still working on the separation during the day, Jameson is still a bit noisy, during the day, in the crate but is does very well for bedtime. He will even go in on his own when he's tired.

Morning meal: 11/4 cup- ate all of meal

Night meal: 11/4 cup- ate all of meal


Pupdate 6/23/2020

Today Jameson and his buddy, Greyson, joined me for lunch at my family's restaurant. He behaved very well, he didn't move off his place cot once. After lunch, we practiced commands and went for a walk in the neighborhood. I haven't taken the leash off yet, but I no longer have hold on to it. Jameson heels right by my side, dragging the leash. He knows all his commands, but likes to be a little stubborn and tries not listen.


Pupdate 6/24/2020


Pupdate 6/25/2020


Pupdate: 6/26/2020


Pupdate 6/27/2020


Pupdate 6/28/2020


Pupdate 6/29/2020

Jameson having some at the park today. We met up with a few of our other trainers. He got to make couple new doggie friends. Jameson has been doing awesome with his training. He is completely off leash now. He still wants to go up to new dogs he sees, but once I correct him he comes back and stays at my side.




Pupdate 7/1/2020


Pupdate 7/2/2020


Pupdate 7/3/2020


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