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Jackson | French Bulldog | Torrance, CA | In-Training

Meet Jackson! He is a two year old French Bulldog who has joined us for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Jackson is here for basic obedience and leash pulling. He is a sweet pup who loves people and will be set up for success with hopes of becoming a well mannered dog! Check in to see his fourteen day progress!


Jackson and I settled in at home today. I let him roam around my house so he can adjust to his new surroundings. Shortly after, we went out for a walk and I introduced Jackson to Heel. Heel consists of having Jackson walking with me on my left side. When Jackson would pull, I turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Jackson understood the concept and he did really well! We will continue practicing by implementing his Heel on every walk we go on.


Jackson was introduced to Place at Home Depot today. Place consists of having Jackson getting onto an elevated object and remaining on the object in a Sit or a Down. Place helps build confidence in a dog and can be of great use whenever guests are over. Jackson practiced on different sized objects with different textures. During his first few attempts on every object, I assisted Jackson by giving his back legs a little boost to guide him and once he caught on to what I was asking, Jackson began to Place on his own!


Jackson and I worked on his recall today which is known as Come to Sit. This technique consists of having Jackson Come towards my right side, go around behind me, and Sit on my left. Jackson would Come towards me but would not go around me when we first started. To assist Jackson in doing so, I crouched, used leash tension, and lured him to Sit on my left by using his kibble. It took time and repetition, but Jackson is doing better now that he comprehends his task!


Jackson was introduced to Down today. Down can be a difficult technique to teach considering it is a submissive position to a dog. I asked Jackson to Sit and I proceeded to guide him towards the ground by gently using leash tension. Jackson would come out of his Sit a few times so we reset and kept trying. It took patience and time, but by keeping the same approach, Jackson eventually caught on to the concept, and was able to follow through!


Jackson and I drove out to The Outlets in Orange today. We worked on his Extended Down and Extended Place. Throughout the week, I have been increasing distance with the long line in five second increments which helps Jackson increase his Extended commands. Every foot I step back is a five second increase that ends in a Break, which is Jackson’s release word. One foot is five seconds, two feet is ten seconds, three feet is fifteen, and so on. Jackson is at forty five seconds to a minute, and with more practice he will be able to reach his two minute mark!


I decided to take the leash off of Jackson today since we have done a few sessions without it at home. We practiced his Heel and his Extended Sit. Considering Jackson’s size, I walked at a slower pace so he can keep up with me. Jackson did very well for it being his first time off leash in a public setting and he has learned all of his commands. I plan to have him completely off leash by the end of the week to fully begin his off leash conditioning!


Jackson and I did a little shopping today at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance. He adjusted well to the environment around him and did really good with his Heel throughout the mall. We took a break and had some lunch in the food court where I had Jackson practice his Down position. We were approached by a couple who happened to be French Bulldog owners and they complimented him on his good behavior! Jackson has been taught to remain in a Sit when being greeted, so when they said hello to him, they were amazed to see Jackson not come out of it!


Today we went out for a walk around my neighborhood and I had Jackson practice off leash. He is doing better keeping up with me on his Heel and we started working on his Come to Sit by just using the E-Collar. He does well with Come to Sit as he understands the concept, but I will continue working on it by cleaning it up a bit to have a better Sit. Jackson did come out of his Sit a few times, but we reset and kept trying until he understood what I was asking. With week one coming to a close, I look forward to making more progress with Jackson in week two!


Jackson and I drove out to Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson today. Everything Jackson has learned is being put together in preparation for his Final. Jackson worked around different distractions such as joggers, and golf carts. He did great remaining at my side as the carts drove by us during our walk. We were going to be in the way of a few joggers coming towards us, so we stepped aside and I asked Jackson to Sit. He sat up but we reset just in time as they ran by!


Today Jackson worked off leash around dog distractions at a local park. We met with other trainers who assisted me with their dogs. I asked them to have their dogs walk by Jackson as he practiced his Extended Down. Although he came out of his Down twice as the dogs were passing by, Jackson was able to follow through after resetting and asking him to Down again. He did very well around other dogs and even a few ducks as we took a stroll throughout the park!


Jackson and I drove out to Venice Beach today. We took a walk throughout the pier and practiced everything he knows. During our Heel, I stopped, asked Jackson to Down, and I began to increase distance from Jackson as people walked by. I waited ninety seconds before I asked him for a Come to Sit and start to Heel again. As we continued our walk, there was a bench that he was able to Place on for the same length of ninety seconds before I asked him to Break. With a few more practice runs, Jackson will be ready to film his Final!


Jackson has been working on his Food Manners throughout the time he has been in training. His first day here, Jackson would come straight towards the bowl as soon as I placed it down. Ever since that day, Jackson has learned to wait in a Sit until I let him know that it is ok to eat. With practice and patience everyday, Jackson can now hold his Sit for two minutes before eating his food!


Jackson and I have been working on his Door Manners. As soon as I would open any door when he first came, Jackson would want to be the first one to go through. To condition Jackson into not doing that, I ask him to Sit before I open the door, and if he sits up, the door will close. We practiced in increments of five seconds the first session, which then increased to ten seconds the second session, fifteen seconds the third session, and so on. The goal is set at two minutes and Jackson has effectively reached that mark!


Jackson has completed his Two Week Board and Train Program and is ready to go home! He shot a great Final and has done fantastic during his time with me! I want to thank you for trusting me with Jackson and for giving me the opportunity to be his trainer. We became great friends and he will be missed!

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