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Jack | German Shepherd | Pico Rivera, CA | In-Training

Meet Jack! He is a one year old German Shepherd from Pico Rivera, CA. Jack has joined our Two Week Board and Train Program for basic obedience, leash pulling, and charging through the door when he is let inside the house. He can be a little stubborn and not listen sometimes, but Jack is a friendly, cuddly pup! These next two weeks, Jack will begin his journey to success with the hopes of transforming into a well mannered dog! Check in to see his progress!


Jack was introduced to Heel today. Heel is having Jack walk next to me on my left. When Jack would pull away from me, I would turn and go the opposite way and give him a little leash tension to guide him back towards me. Jack did really well and he is understanding the concept. He is very bright and catches on very quick! I am excited to be working with Jack, and see him progress these next two weeks!


Today Jack was introduced to Place. Place is having Jack getting onto an elevated object and remaining there in a Sit or a Down. Place can be anything like his bed or his crate and can be of great use whenever someone knocks on your door or rings the doorbell. It is also a great way to build Jack’s confidence as well. Since Jack had trouble getting into his kennel in the car when I picked him up, introducing Place has helped him tremendously. He is now able to hop in on his own! Jack also happened to pee on my manager. It was an intentional leg lift to assert his dominance. So following through and not allowing certain behaviors is important.


Jack was introduced to Come to Sit today. Come to Sit is the recall command which consists of having Jack come towards me on my right side, go around behind me, and Sit on my left side. The first few reps, Jack would stop as soon as he reached my right side. To assist him, I used a little leash tension to get him moving behind me and Sit on my left side. With some repetition and guidance, Jack is getting better the more we work on it!


Jack and I began working on Down today. This can be a difficult command to teach considering it is a submissive position to a dog. We worked on it with leash tension, verbal encouragement, and patience. I asked Jack to Sit and guided him towards the ground with leash tension. He stood up a couple of times but we reset and kept trying until Jack succeeded! He was having trouble in a more public setting but by working on it a little more, Jack is doing much better!


Jack and I drove out to the Outlets in Orange today. Now that he knows all of his commands, we have been working on his Extended Place, Down, and Sit. I began by stepping back one foot and asked him to Break which is his release word, after five seconds. For every foot back, I increased five seconds. He does pretty well and can hold his position for about thirty to forty five seconds. The set goal is two minutes and with more practice, Jack will be set up to reach it!


Today we took a stroll down the Walk of Fame on Hollywood and Highland. Jack and I did some noise conditioning working around police sirens, loud music, and loud traffic. It took a little time for Jack to adjust to what was going on around him, but after a few laps, he began to relax and get into a calmer state. Once comfortable, Jack worked very well while practicing his Extended Sit and even posed for a few pictures!


Jack and I drove out to the Santa Monica Promenade today. He is preparing to start his off leash training so we practiced his Heel and Extended Place without me holding onto the leash. Jack did very well walking next to me and remaining in a Place around people and dog distractions throughout the promenade. I will continue working with Jack by letting the leash drag until he is fully ready to be completely off leash!


Jack continued working with his leash dragging today. He practiced more on his Heel walking around my neighborhood and I also focused on his Extended Down. Jack would come out of his Down without me asking him to Break, so we reset and kept trying and he was able to follow through! He has done a very good job his first week and I am looking forward to making more progress with him these next seven days!


Jack and I drove out to a local park and worked on his Extended Place and Sit. He worked around different dog distractions as well as a few ducks in the area. Jack did pretty good and with a few more sessions, he can reach his two minute goal! Jack has moments of not wanting to work and will resist or pull away in the opposite direction. His Heel needs a little more conditioning and I am working with him to clean it up before he can fully go off leash!


Jack has been working on his food manners throughout the time he has been in training with me. Before I could even place his food bowl down the first day, Jack was already making his way towards me to eat. Since then, Jack has learned to Sit and wait for his food until I let him know that it is ok to eat. Jack had no trouble understanding the concept and increased his time with patience and consistency the further we went along!


I noticed irritation under Jack’s chin last night when I took him out. I treated it with a damp cloth and applied ointment immediately. I will continue to monitor it by the hour as well as cleaning it and applying ointment as needed. He will be working in smaller time increments and will have more time without any collars on. Jack continues to thrive in his training and has been doing great with his Door Manners! Before coming in or out of any door, I ask Jack to Sit and wait, until I ask him to Heel in order to walk through. His goal was set at two minutes and Jack has successfully achieved it!


Jack’s fur looks like it is starting to fill. He seems to be healing slowly as I continue to clean the area and apply ointment throughout the day. I placed a cone around Jack’s neck but he managed to remove it overnight. His skin is still a little tender when touched, but it is not as pink as it was before. I had Jack work on his Extended Sit and Down today in one minute increments to not overwhelm him. Jack and I will work in short sessions and I will have him relax and rest for the remainder of the day.


Jack and I took a trip to the Americana in Glendale today. We continued to work in small increments and Jack did very well with the sessions we practiced! He was outstanding throughout the time he was in training with me and has learned a lot! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with Jack and I am looking forward to showing you what he is capable of! We became great friends and he will be missed!


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